KROHNE offers a complete measurement instrumentation product portfolio including industry specific system solutions and complementary services for projects of any size, anywhere in the world. Since starting in 1921, we have amassed an enormous amount of application knowledge that is integrated into our products, solutions, and services. 

The resulting innovative technologies are based on our extensive R&D with 10 percent of the work force dedicated that area. While sensor development for flow, level and other variables is the primary focus, we are also very active in advancing device communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the process industries including device diagnostics for analysis and process optimization.

If you buy a KROHNE product, you will get a measuring device that performs most accurate with low uncertainty under real process conditions. To achieve this, we operate more than 120 calibration facilities for volume flow, mass flow, level, temperature, density, and pressure for every device we manufacture. For example, every flowmeter is wet calibrated using water or air as standard before leaving our facilities. We can also provide customer specific calibration such as:

  • Multipoint calibrations
  • Varying temperatures, viscosities, or pressures
  • Specific fluids
  • Specific pipe geometries or piping provided by the customer

For calibration we only use direct comparison. For example, we calibrate our Coriolis mass flowmeters with a gravimetric weighing system. Our calibration rigs are the most accurate for measuring device production with reference accuracies 5 to10 times better than that of the meter under test.

This goes for small (1 millimeter) or very large meter sizes since Krohne operates precise volumetric calibration rigs up to 120 inches with a certified accuracy of 0.013 percent based on a 144-foot-tall tank containing almost 132,000 gallons of water allowing for a maximum flow rate of 7,925,000 gallons per hour.

In North America, we have a brand-new manufacturing and calibration facility in Beverly, Massachusetts. We serve our markets through a network of representatives, distributors, and direct sales personnel. You can find your local contact on the web at 

Our mission is to provide unparalleled application expertise, on-time delivery, and cost-effective quality products so that we can exceed our valued customers’ expectations. We offer a technically proficient, KROHNE-trained sales force that gets involved in all aspects of technical sales and applications support.

Our dedicated technical support, field application, start-up and repair teams are located throughout the regions to provide timely and effective services at your site or at our factory. Our TASC (Technical Application Support Center) is the heart of KROHNE’s technical support capability and is available by phone or email every day, at any time, day or night. This group of trained engineers and technicians is at your disposal for product application, installation, operation, or troubleshooting questions. You can reach our support team by calling our toll-free number 800.FLOWING (356.9464) or by email at

Reach us by email at or by phone at 800.FLOWING (356.9464). Our website is