Simsite® impellers and casing rings are the best impellers and casing rings in the marketplace! The reason our impellers are so good is because they are not cast or molded. ImpellerStore manufactures high quality, precision machined, upgraded, efficient impellers and rings from Simsite®, a unique and patented structural composite. ImpellerStore products are completely different from any other impellers and casing rings in the marketplace because they are fully machined from a solid block of Simsite®, which never corrodes in sea water, brackish water, river water, chlorinated water, wastewater, or many other chemicals. 

Our ImpellerStore Simsite® impellers and casing rings are truly unique, because they are completely (100 percent) machined on the inside as well as the outside. The five-axis to eight-axis precision machining makes our ImpellerStore Simsite® impellers perfectly balanced both mechanically and hydraulically—if an impeller is machined from one center position, there is no imbalance! Therefore, they do not experience performance degradation like metallic products.

ImpellerStore Simsite® impellers and rings are excellent for new, repair, or retrofit applications. They are lightweight and virtually indestructible. Wear of other pump parts including the pump casing are greatly reduced because of the Simsite® impeller’s perfect balance, light weight, self-lubricating, sealing, and corrosion, erosion, and cavitation resistance. This means far less expense for replacement of parts, reduced downtime, and years of trouble-free performance.

ImpellerStore Simsite® impellers and rings are designed for superior hydraulic performance because the Impellers are computer engineered, designed, and precision machined. The impeller vane geometry can be engineered to maximize efficiency and performance. Problems such as recirculation, radial thrust, and cavitation can be minimized or eliminated by upgrading to Simsite® impellers and rings. Impeller vane shapes can easily be modified to provide the best vane shape for specific applications and performance requests.

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