Bearing Gard Bearing Isolators
Designed to offer superior protection for your bearing housing, Bearing Gard bearing isolators directly assist equipment reliability by creating a strong barrier against external contamination.
Static protection is assured by an internal O-ring between the rotor and stator.
Dynamic protection is provided by a tortuous labyrinth that effectively repels severe environmental conditions.
Static sealing quickly transitions to non-contacting operation for consistent performance and will not wear on the shaft or equipment.
Working to keep industry running, Flowserve offers the Bearing Gard with same day shipping of equipment-specific and made to order designs. We are continuously expanding our product range and custom engineered solutions. Your local Flowserve representative will guide you through the selection and ordering process. Bearing Gard isolators fit a wide range of rotating equipment. Typical applications include pumps, motors, gearboxes, and general lip seal replacements. Equipment-specific Bearing Gard designs are available or Flowserve will rapidly design a custom solution.
In addition to extensive in-house hurricane simulation testing, the Bearing Gard meets or exceeds the following industry standards and certifications:

  • API 610
  • IEEE-841
  • IP-66
  • ATEX

To find your local Flowserve representative and find out more about Flowserve Corporation visit www.flowserve.com.
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