Sundyne, a global leader in the design and manufacture of pumps and compressors announces a series of upgrades to its line of LMV 801 vertical direct drive centrifugal pumps.  Each API 610 (OH3 or OH5) pump is optimized to address flows to 380 gallons per minute, and heads to 720 feet, which are demanded by a wide range of applications across the upstream oil & gas, midstream gas processing, and downstream refining, petrochemical and general industrial markets. 

New additions to the line of LMV 801 direct drive pumps include:

  • 801CS (API 682 Cartridge Seal)—utilizes a self-contained process seal that fits seamlessly onto the pump shaft as a single assembly.  The compact cartridge seal provides operators and maintenance engineers with a convenient alternative to standard component seals. 
  • 801S (API 685 sealless magnetic drive)—this configuration combines the hydraulics of Sundyne’s direct-drive pumps with the magnetic drive technology pioneered by Sundyne HMD/Kontro more than seventy years ago.  It is built to comply with both API 685 and API 610 standards, and is specifically engineered to eliminate emissions and improve personnel safety without compromising on performance. 
  • Flexible Mechanical Seal and Sealless Configurations—the line of direct drive pumps utilizes standard seal configurations, including single, double or tandem.  Any LMV-801 pump can be converted in the field to an ultra-reliable, API 682 cartridge seal, or leak free API 685 sealless magnetic drive configuration.

Each Sundyne direct drive pump is designed to operate at its best efficiency point and maximize reliability and tolerance to system variations. The new enhancements and upgrade options to the line of LMV 801 pumps are designed to further enhance performance, while simplifying installation and maintenance requirements.

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