Ensorcia, a specialist in the extraction and transformation of high purity lithium, has announced the construction of a plant in France being under study, dedicated to the transformation of “battery-grade” lithium hydroxide. Lithium is an essential mineral to produce electric batteries, key components of carbon-free vehicles. However, extraction techniques used today are extremely polluting, energy-consuming, and harmful to ecosystems.

The initial investment represents $216 million, with the creation of over 100 direct jobs at stake. The plant should start its operations in 2025 with an installed capacity of 20,000 tons LCE per year, and a ramp up capacity of 40,000 tons.

Traveling to Davos as part of the World Economic Forum, Daniel Layton, chair of Ensorcia, took advantage of this major announcement to claim for attention of public authorities and private actors between Europe and South America—especially France and Chile. For him, it is urgent that effective and serious cooperation emerges quickly to facilitate the production and export of Lithium if we want to meet the carbon reduction commitments by 2035.