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The GEMÜ 480 and the 490 butterfly valve series are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. These butterfly valves, which are approved by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW), can be used in the areas of drinking water treatment, seawater desalination, in industrial supply systems, as well as in mining and metal extraction. Two recent case studies illustrate the value these valves can bring to myriad pump and piping systems.

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In the production facilities of a reputable research institute there are different production sectors independent of each other where special microchips and test wafers for the electronics industry are manufactured. All the facilities are hermetically separated from the outside world in order to prevent the contamination of the wafers and microchips.


The heat resulting from the different production processes must be adequately dissipated. Care has to be taken that the cooling water does not cause contamination of the cooling installation and the clean rooms and protection against corrosion must be provided.

The piping is stainless steel for the deionized water, which is used as a heat transfer/coolant. The heat exchanger is installed on the roof of the building. The pump and distribution station, as well as the buffer tanks for warm and cold water are in the basement. The piping is located in supply channels. All pipe sections, pumps, and production sectors are controlled by manual and automated valves.

Gemu butterfly valves, with either epoxy coated cast iron bodies and EPDM liners or stainless steel bodies and TFM liners are working well in these applications.

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Both the GEMÜ 480 Victoria® series and the GEMÜ 490 Edessa® feature a top flange in accordance with EN ISO 5211 for mounting various operators. Hand levers (GEMÜ 487/497), gearboxes (GEMÜ 487/497), pneumatic actuators (GEMÜ 481/491) and motorized actuators (GEMÜ 488/498) in open/close and control variants are available. In next month’s addition to this article, we’ll examine the benefits these valves bring to a large seawater desalination system in Singapore.

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