Blue Angel Pump

Geiler Plumbing found that using Wayne Water Systems’ Blue Angel Pumps cut down their installation time, improving overall productivity. The new Blue Angel Pumps’ pre-assembled back-up and primary system combines all the components needed for a sump pump with a high-quality backup pump and an auto dialer that can notify up to five numbers.


“It’s definitely easier (the installation): you’re not playing with acid, you don’t have to put prongs in anywhere and make sure you have everything wired up correctly,” says Jose Varos, technician for Geiler Plumbing. “With the old ones, you’d have about fifteen lead wires coming over and each one has to be hooked to a certain side. It’s nice that they (Blue Angel) color-code all of them.”

The cast-iron primary pump pushes 60 gallons (227.13 liters) per minute, while the fully submersible thermoplastic back-up pump pushes 47 gallons (177.91 liters). The backup system includes connection ports for third- party security system notification, while the auto dialer allows the plumber to input up to five numbers (including their own) to be alerted in the event flooding occurs.

Construction specs


Is this beneficial to the consumer? “I think it is, for quite a few reasons,” Varos says. “People never go down and look at their sump pump, I’ve gone out on inspections and it’s full to the drain tile, where it’s been running for who knows how long.”

A bright LCD screen that displays the time, date, and various messages about the current state of the primary and back-up pumps. The system is also extremely quiet while it runs.

“It is super quiet, it’s very nice, the only thing I hear is the check-valve when it closes, and that’s how I know it’s actually working.” When he first installed a system, Varos says, “I expected to go downstairs and see water everywhere because of how quiet the sump pump was.”

Varos continues, “It’s just really nice—for ease of installation, the simplicity, and how user-friendly it is.”


Tyler Lusebrink is the social media marketing coordinator for Wayne Water Systems, a Scott Fetzer company. Wayne Water Systems provide people with worry-free water handling solutions. For more information, visit

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