Blacoh Fluid Control is a global leader in the manufacture of fluid control products for municipal, industrial, chemical, and petrochemical fluid processing applications. Blacoh has recently expanded its product offering to include a line of back pressure and pressure relief valves designed specifically to address the problem of valve chatter. The new valve products complement Blacoh’s line of pulsation dampeners, gauge guards, calibration columns, and injection quills, allowing chemical feed system users and skid builders to procure the system components that they need from a single trusted source. Blacoh back pressure valves are used in chemical feed systems to provide a continuous back pressure to the pump and pulsation dampener to improve the consistency of dosage rates. These valves also act to prevent siphoning of costly treatment chemicals into the process stream. Pressure relief valves protect pumps and costly system equipment from the risk of over-pressurization due to blocked piping or a closed isolation valve.

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