Hynamics has signed an agreement to collaborate with ABB and test the ABB Ability OPTIMAX for green hydrogen energy management system (EMS), which was launched to market in November 2022, across Hynamics’ plants to help optimize electrical costs of hydrogen production by up to 16 percent, according to ABB modelling.

In order to optimize production costs for low carbon and renewable hydrogen, the performance of the electrolyser process, which uses electricity from renewable sources to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, can be improved. ABB Ability OPTIMAX supports this by serving every aspect of a hydrogen plant lifecycle, from simulation at design and engineering phases to real-time monitoring of energy consumption when in operation. ABB Ability OPTIMAX is already available for five other industrial applications.

The system provides data which can help determine optimal energy consumption levels required to produce hydrogen and minimize waste. The tool considers, among other things, the variability of electricity prices, asset availability and other associated factors.

“With complementary areas of expertise, the cooperation between ABB and Hynamics will enable us to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen projects on an industrial scale,” says Christelle Rouillé, general manager of Hynamics. “The integration of ABB’s world-class power management system is a necessary step to improve the performance of the water electrolysis process.”