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Grundfos recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary in the United States, a note-worthy marker as it indicates a full generation of commitments between the company and its domestic customers. It’s a relationship that extends in both directions. Across North America, Grundfos employs more than 1600 people—1300 in the United States alone—and is continually expanding its regional expertise. For example, a recent partnership between Grundfos and Pennsylvania-bases U.S. Boiler Company highlights the benefits of shared expertise—both for manufacturers and for end uses.

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At the 2014 Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in New York City, Grundfos and U.S. Boiler Company announced an agreement to pair Grundfos’s ultra-efficient ALPHATM circulators as options on most U.S. Boiler gas cast-iron heating products. The combined product leverages both companies’ individual competencies in the industry and provides a market-leading solution for highly efficient heating in residential and light commercial applications.

Alpha pump with AUTOAdapt Technical data

“We know that the price of energy is a growing concern for many Americans. Grundfos’s collaboration with U.S. Boiler Company will allow us to deliver the total package for saving energy—a best-in-class boiler paired with an ultra-efficient pump,” says Barry Nauss, director of HVAC OEM Sales for Grundfos USA.

Alpha pump with AUTOAdapt

Made in the United States, the package will feature the ALPHA, a Grundfos pump designed for circulating liquids in light commercial and residential heating systems. This pump features patented AUTOAdaptTM technology, which automatically analyzes the needs of the system and then adjusts operation to changes in demand. By learning the patterns of consumption, the pump can save end users up to 85 percent in energy costs when compared to a conventional circulator, ensuring the lowest possible consumption without sacrificing comfort.

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Dan Cork, vice president of sales and marketing for U.S. Boiler Company adds, “We are pleased to offer this combination of leading-edge products. The Grundfos ALPHA pump is an advanced solution that many of our contractors have asked for, and it’s a great match with our industry-leading, technically advanced boilers. It’s always about giving customers the opportunity to use products that offer the most value to the complete system.”

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Together with U.S. Boiler’s top-quality product, the competitively priced boiler-pump package will achieve new levels of complete energy efficiency. In addition to guaranteeing energy savings for end users, the combined product will also ease the installation process, making it a win-win for both parties.

boiler-pump package

“Grundfos is the global leader in pump solutions for boiler manufacturers,” Nauss says. “We are confident that this new collaboration with the U.S. Boiler Company will strengthen our share of the American market and help us achieve our long-term goal to reach $1 billion in annual sales.” The package is currently available from Venco Sales, U.S. Boiler, and Grundfos wholesalers in the New York market.

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High on the Grundfos’s corporate agenda is an active commitment to improving the environment, and the company contributes to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet. Partnerships that emphasize shared benefits and increased efficiency, like the one between Grundfos and U.S. Boiler Company, will be the standard going forward.


Helen Mubarak is the public affairs coordinator for Grundfos North America. In addition to pumps, Grundfos produces standard and submersible motors as well as state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring and controlling pumps. For more information, visit


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