Increase efficiency in your industrial pumping applications with Yaskawa’s U1000 Industrial Matrix Drive, the product that goes beyond conventional drives, providing outstanding harmonic performance and regeneration in a single standalone compact drive solution. 

Enjoy low harmonic distortion and regeneration in a space-saving design, completely without the need for additional components. 

Unlike conventional drives, Yaskawa’s Matrix technology creates a variable output by switching directly from the input power (AC to AC), eliminating the DC bus. Additionally, the Matrix drive is a member of the Yaskawa industrial drive family, and provides the same user experience.

Yaskawa is the leading global manufacturer of low and medium voltage inverter drives, servo systems, machine controllers, and industrial robots. Our standard products, as well as tailor-made solutions, are well known and have a high reputation for outstanding quality and reliability.

We’re the only industrial drives manufacturer to win the Deming prize—the most prestigious quality award in manufacturing. But we know that tells only part of the quality story. What about innovative design, knowledgeable, responsive engineers who understand your business, and superior support and training? Those crucial assets are a vital part of how a company is ultimately judged and what we mean by the Yaskawa Quality Experience. 

At Yaskawa, Quality is more than numbers, more than awards—it’s the total experience of purchasing and owning Yaskawa products and working with Yaskawa people.