Last month at the 2014 Global Petroleum Show located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Magnetek, Inc., a leading provider of digital power and motion control systems, introduced visitors to a relatively small box that can provide a big sigh of relief for operators in hazardous locations. Magnetek’s wireless controls, including the Enrange™ XLTX, MLTX, and MLTX2 transmitters, are compact, durable, and reliable options for operators who need precise controls in demanding and potentially perilous jobsites. Magnetek’s innovative, cost-effective wireless controls complete with plug-and-play hydraulic interface controls are designed to meet customer specifications, reducing internal engineering and manufacturing costs, improving time to market, and enhancing equipment performance.
Magnetek offers three wireless controls ideal for hazardous or potentially explosive locations. Enrange XLTX, and MLTX2 transmitters are ATEX and IECEx approved for EX Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2 environments, while the Enrange MLTX is intended for applications requiring non-incendive ratings to comply with North American requirements. The flexibility of a wireless control system allows the user to operate farther away from a dangerous situation than wired alternatives. These innovative wireless controls can be applied to equipment used in oil and gas applications, petrochemical operations, above ground mining, and more.
The XLTX offers the most options to configure a flexible solution.  A user can customize the XLTX with up to eight levers, four joysticks, and a combination of toggles, selector switches, and potentiometers to suit almost any application. It is also available with proportional controls and custom labels on transmitters per application. Its spare battery compartment includes an extra battery to avoid downtime.
The MLTX2 provides users an ergonomic, lightweight choice for hazardous locations. Like the XLTX, it also is available with proportional controls and custom transmitter labels, but provides choices up to seven levers and three joysticks, making it an appropriate choice for many jobs. Users looking for a cost-effective option to meet North American requirements should consider the MLTX, which is a transmitter for use in hazardous locations requiring ISA 12.12.01 Class I and Class II, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, E, F and G.
The controllers’ tough nylon exterior is made to withstand shock, and each controller includes military grade auxiliary function switches. Access code system provides peace-of-mind, as the system only operates the intended equipment. Also, the Enrange™ XLTX, and MLTX2 transmitters are designed to minimize power consumption, providing one of the longest life batteries in the industry today—and are available in unlicensed 433MHz RF.
Transmitters can be combined with receivers for a complete radio control system. Magnetek’s receivers can be put into an explosion-proof enclosure, which meets NEMA 7 or NEMA 9 standards for added safety. The MHR Radio Controller integrates the components of a radio receiver and hydraulic controller into a single unit, reducing cost and freeing up valuable space. It features an informative graphic display for viewing and modifying system settings and machine functions in the field. The CAN-2 Receiver option provides a compact design that is rugged enough to handle outdoor environments, and the quick response allows for precise controls, without the latency found in other radio controls systems. CAN-2 allows users to tap on to most CAN-bus systems supporting a variety of CAN-protocols. The CAN-2 has two digital Machine Stop outputs, and 2 CAN-bus ports.
“We were pleased to be exhibiting our ATEX and IECEx certified XLTX and MLTX2 transmitters, as these wireless controls are now certified to control equipment used worldwide in potentially hazardous applications such as petrochemical operations and above ground mining,” says Ben Stoller, director of radio controls. “End user acceptance of the stringent ATEX and IECEx standards is typical in North America and worldwide.”
ATEX compliance, required by the European Union, certifies that Magnetek wireless controls are safe to use in potentially explosive areas with flammable gases or vapors. IECEx equipment certification signifies that Magnetek’s wireless controls conform to international safety standards for environments where a potential exists for explosions. ■
Lynn Bostrom is the director of marketing communications for Magnetek, Inc., a leading provider of digital power and motion control systems used in mobile hydraulic, overhead material handling, elevator, and mining applications. For more information about ATEX and IECEx certified transmitters or any of Magnetek’s advanced wireless controls, visit

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