Perhaps unsurprisingly, engineering solutions are not simply about supplying equipment or carrying out the required work. When it comes to delivering effective services, a stable process tailored to a client’s needs as well as a strong supply chain should be at the very core of the operation. 

Many others in the business focus on providing the solution itself, but without working out the logistics of the project first and making sure they work for the client, what could be effective solutions on paper, can easily become ineffective once they are executed.

Not having a complete picture of the process and its requirements from the start can also lead to time delays, inconsistencies and other issues that only present themselves down the line. Below, we discuss the importance of project management within the engineering industry.


With the above in mind, adi Group is dedicated to providing bespoke, complete turnkey solutions for clients that effectively target their needs. With any new project, adi’s solution-focused approach involves working with clients to develop an understanding of their requirements and then devising a complete plan that incorporates all the right elements. 

Our partnerships are based on a need for bespoke solutions, with every new project having different criteria and therefore requiring the creation of a new plan each time. When it comes to devising and executing a plan for a new client, we begin by looking at what the client needs. Clients often know they have a problem but are not always aware of where it lies or what is needed to solve it.

We start by providing a user requirement specification, that is a complete plan that effectively targets the client’s requirements. We then present it, ensure the client is satisfied with the proposition, and provide the services in the shortest amount of time possible.

At adi, we fully focus our efforts on the problem at hand by providing a single solution that addresses the issue, and as a multidisciplinary firm, we are able to do so without a break in the supply chain.


In a nutshell, we collect all the necessary information about the client, work out the requirements and related costs and incorporate them all into a full plan. For example, at adi Projects, we work as both project managers and consultants, ensuring our clients get the very best results each and every time.

Recently, adi Projects, as well as divisions of the wider adi Group, worked with leading fresh produce provider Florette, who needed to consolidate its shipment logistics after opening a new salad distribution facility to meet growing demand. In Florette’s case, we looked at the volume of products, where it was coming from and how often, and the logistics required to bring it to its destination without compromising the freshness of the product.

Our team at adi Projects carried out a full study into Florette’s operational systems and determined that the firm needed an intermediate storage warehouse to support its new shipment facility. We then began working to deliver a solution that would meet budget as well as timescale and quality requirements.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to delivering a new project. From project and warehouse management to creating and supplying the necessary structure and equipment, there are a lot of criteria that need to be met to go from a project to a robust solution.

Our multiple divisions work together to act as a one-stop shop for engineering services, so that clients can rely on one shop without involving third-party providers, which typically complicates and elongates the process. Providing a complete solution starts with adi Projects: we get involved from the early stages of a project and see it through to completion. 

Depending on the project, the help of multiple other divisions can be required and is what also improves speed, efficiency and success whilst reducing cost to the client. For instance, it was the combined efforts of the in-house teams at adi Projects, adi Climate Systems, adi Mechanical, adi Electrical, and adi Automation that brought the Florette project to life. The different divisions work together under a single point of contact for the client, as a unit to deliver a combined solution that targets the client’s needs through and through. 


At adi, we operate based on the three factors of program, quality, and cost. We eliminate and mitigate the risk from any project by devising the right schedule, working with trusted individuals to guarantee quality, and collaborating with the client to provide a cost-effective solution that fully covers their needs. Over 80 percent of all of our projects are self-delivered utilizing our in-house skilled engineering workforce of nearly 750 employees.

This is where partnering with adi Group can provide a real advantage, as our ability to deliver a unique, targeted solution using only in-house resources minimizes the risks associated with working with third parties whilst improving turnaround time and efficiency.

So, our advice to those seeking a full-service engineering project? Enlist the help, support, and expertise of combined project managers and consultants. 


Ian Hart is business development director of adi Projects, one of the divisions of adi Group As the partner of choice for leading manufacturers, adi Group ensures there are no breaks in the supply chain, and its expert engineers are recognized for their award-winning engineering solutions, possessing various divisions on hand to support the world’s leading brands. The core business sectors adi Group specialize in cover food and beverage, automotive, aerospace and defense, petrochemical, biosciences, as well as manufacturing entities in other industries. Now recognized across the United Kingdom and Ireland, adi Group is a true partner for some of the world’s leading brands and household names. For more information, visit

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