For thirty years, W&A has worked to offer quality consulting, training, and products to meet the needs of our customers across the country. Our goal is to provide excellent service—whether through our books, manufactured products, representative products, seminars or speeches, customer satisfaction remains our priority. Nick Westerberg has been in the industrial community for thirty years, teaching, consulting, and servicing industrial equipment. 


Doc’s Pump Journal is the handbook everyone involved with pumping will want to have in their library! This book, with over 700 pages, will make your pumping life much easier. Doc’s Pump Journal includes information on hydraulic principals, simple sizing equations, packing, seals, bearing, foundations, grout, piping, alignments, reliability, pump types, and more… and you don’t need a PhD to read it!


Nothing can replace experience: It is the best, sometimes the hardest, teacher—but the lessons of experience last a lifetime. In Doc’s Steam Journal, readers will find over 500 pages of resources, graphs, charts, and images to help in a variety of situations, as well as specific information on steam generation, steam traps, manufacturers, installation, assessment, and engineering. Doc’s Steam Journal is the resource you will go back to again and again throughout your career!


The W&A Armadillo Palm Guide™ face is one of the toughest “rodents” on the market! They have been known to run over fifteen months with no wear at 6,000 FPM. The skin on these palm guides is what makes them unique. The Armadillo is so hard that it must be finished with diamond treatments to provide the 16RMS prox. finish.


The first Vibration Data Collector Pole off the shelf that you can safely use to take the vital information you need! Our Data Collector Poles come with a patented spring loaded adjustment pin for quick and easy adjustment, anodized head finish for long lasting service, fiberglass handle for operator safety, cable management system for easy and safe cable placement, and a bushing kit that allows for the use of different sensor sizes. These poles improve safety for the user and can be fitted for any cable connection.

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