Electro Static Technology

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Electro Static Technology (EST) is the global leader in the elimination or mitigation of induced electrical charges on moving surfaces. AEGIS® PRO Rings are specially designed to protect large motors against electrical bearing damage by channeling VFD-induced discharges safely to ground. With six rows of conductive microfibers for high current-carrying capacity, AEGIS PRO Rings reduce shaft voltages to safe levels, protecting both motors and coupled equipment. Easily installed, even in the field, AEGIS PRO Rings are ideal for electrical and maintenance contractors as well as for motor manufacturers. Maintenance-free and tolerant of dirt and grease, AEGIS PRO Rings last for the life of the bearings, regardless of motor RPM.


Environment One Corporation

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Are you dealing with failing septic tanks? Is I&I from your existing sewer system eating up your budget? Do you have a sewer project with challenging terrain looming ahead? Get after it. ALL-TERRAIN SEWER™ low pressure systems from E/One give you the freedom to sewer anywhere. Environmentally sensitive, economically sensible™: ALL-TERRAIN SEWER low pressure systems are significantly more affordable than conventional gravity sewers, safer than septic systems, and they’re a light touch on the land. Plus, ALL-TERRAIN SEWER low pressure systems carry a proven track record of reliability with the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry. Whether it’s dead or dying septic tanks or expensive inflow and infiltration, E/One can help.


Griffco Valve, Inc.

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Griffco manufactures a comprehensive line of pump accessories to enhance the accuracy, safety, and longevity of chemical feed systems used in water and wastewater treatment facilities. Made in the USA, all products are machined, molded, or cast for high-quality performance. More than 1,000,000 valves and system accessories have been installed in the field since the company was founded in 1992. The product line includes back pressure and pressure relief valves, calibration columns, pulsation dampeners, inlet stabilizers and surge suppressors, injection valves/quills, corporation stops, gauge and instrument guards, fusion dampeners, y-strainers, and other fluid handling accessories. With corporate offices, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in Western New York, Griffco products are sold worldwide through an extensive network of channel partners. Certifications include ISO 9001: 2015, CRN to CS-B51-03, NSF-61, and CE to PED 2014/68/EU Annex III Module D.


Blacoh Fluid Control

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Blacoh offers engineered fluid control products manufactured to exacting standards in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and pressure ratings to suit virtually every application. Blacoh has been improving process system performance, reliability, safety, and productivity for over forty-five years, so find Blacoh products wherever fluid is being pumped. Blacoh products are made in the USA for a reason—nothing gets in the way of providing Blacoh products to customers.



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Boerger designs, manufactures, and sells rotary lobe pumps, macerating technology, separation technology, and feeding technology to convey low to high viscous and abrasive media. Key applications can be found in wastewater applications including sludge (primary, WAS, RAS, digested, thickened, etc.), biosolids, grease, sewage, scum, lime slurry, alum sludge, permeate, polymers, etc. Boerger products are designed with maintenance-in-place, which allows for all wetted parts to be easily replaced through the front cover without the removal of pipe or drive systems.



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Introducing the new Grundfos CR 215 vertical multistage pump, the newest addition to the range of CR pumps. The CR 215 offers greater efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in more application and processes. With over 1480 gallons per minute and 1,155 feet of head, the CR 215 provides more performance than ever offered by a vertical multistage pump and can be used in applications that previously required large split-case and end-suction pumps. The new CR technology is better for processes such as pressure boosting, reverse osmosis, water transfer, and temperature control. Every detail of the new CR line was designed for maximum energy efficiency, reducing kilowatts without sacrificing performance. The only regular maintenance needed is fast and easy, and can be done on-site. Every CR pump is also performance-tested and approved per ISO 9906:2012 before shipping.


Onyx Valve Company

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Onyx Valve products measure and control hard-to-handle fluids.

Pinch Valves: Control slurries ranging from thickened sludge to sand blasting media. D-series valves are a full port design with no wetted metal parts. Sizes from 1/2 to 30 inches with hand wheels, electric, or pneumatic actuators for either on/off or modulating service. 

Isolator Rings: A reliable way to measure pressure on slurries, they are immune to clogging, plugging, and corrosion. Measure pressure on anything from calking compound to salsa. Compatible with virtually any pressure gauge, switch, or transmitter. In sizes from 1/2 to 48 inches in a variety of materials. 

Duckbill Check Valves: High flow volume with minimum head loss. Excellent for stormwater, allowing highways and parking areas to drain quickly and completely while preventing streams from backing up through the system flooding roads, homes, and businesses. In sizes from 1 to 60 inches with flanged or slip-on connections.


Cla-Val Company

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Since 1936, Cla-Val has produced the world’s highest quality automatic control valves for diverse industries. Cla-Val has strengthened operations and customer service by enhancing product lines and building state-of-the-art production facilities around the world. With major locations having dedicated training centers, the team provides exceptional industry expertise. Aggressive R&D programs have resulted in advanced electronic and hydraulic control systems that meet the challenges of complex and diverse applications.


Gorman-Rupp Pumps

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Gorman-Rupp sets the industry standard for packaged wastewater-handling pumping systems. These stations are equipped with solids-handling self-priming or submersible pumps, valves, controls, and enclosures that are designed for reliability and easy maintenance. Gorman-Rupp’s commitment to “total system responsibility” means you only have to make one call if you encounter a problem. This concept simply offers the best sewage-handling solution on the market—guaranteed.


Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

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Plast-O-Matic will be introducing its new, all-plastic CAFÉ and NITRO actuators designed for water/wastewater, chemical, RO, ozone treatment, and other corrosive applications. Providing actuation times as fast as one second, CAFÉ and NITRO feature multi-voltage 24-240V AC/DC with automatic voltage sensing. They’re suitable for virtually any quarter-turn valve such as ball valves or butterfly valves, metal or plastic material. Standard features include CE Mark, IP67 ingress protection, LED status, remote indicator, and electronic overtorque protection. Options include fail-safe, programmable OLED screen, modulation, MODBUS, and other premium features. CAFÉ and NITRO are engineered and assembled in USA.


Vaughan Company

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At its core, a true chopper pump consists of a rotating impeller with cupped and sharpened leading edges, cutting against stationary fingers at the entrance to the volute.The original patent was applied for in 1960 (granted shortly thereafter) by Vaughan Company founder, Jim Vaughan. Vaughan Company has introduced many new chopper pump models covering a broad range of heads and flow, greatly improved efficiencies, all incorporating numerous patented cutting features. Including upper cutters, stationary cutter bars, and other cutting features is fundamental to chopping and clearing problematic materials. This protects downstream components which is vital to the effectiveness of wastewater systems. From the start, and to this day, Vaughan Company remains committed to giving customers outstanding service and the most dependable product solutions in the world.



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HOMA stands behind every product with a generous warranty, extensive spare parts inventory, regional authorized service centers, factory engineers and technicians who are all dedicated to the support of the entire HOMA product line. Whether your application requires a residential grinder or effluent pump, or you are handling an industrial process stream or municipal wastewater, HOMA will engineer a pumping solution for you.



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Meltric manufactures a full line of industrial plugs and receptacles, including a signature brand of UL listed switch-rated devices with push-button circuit disconnection. These all-in-one devices combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle and can be safely connected and disconnected under full load. Meltric also manufactures other safe and reliable industrial plugs and receptacles, including multipin, high amperage, single pole, and hazardous location devices.



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WEG is committed to creating quality products and efficient solutions. To achieve this, there is continuous investment in innovation and team work. Helping people reach their goals by living the values of the company is WEG’s passion. At WEG, the customer is also part of the team. Working together we can develop the best solutions. There are many approaches to efficiency at WEG. Whether it be energy saving, to reduce costs, or increase productivity, we work to fulfill the needs of our customers. We never stop because a product works well. We always look for a way to make it work even better. This constant search for improvement has led to the creation of some of the most efficient products in energy saving available on the market.