Cleaner energy and pumped storage technology are in increased demand throughout the globe, and nowhere is that demand greater than in the expanding economies of South Korea and China. Alstom has positioned itself to aid these markets in meeting their power generation needs. Alstom’s ECO 110 Wind Turbines are helping optimize wind farm performance, and Alstom’s pumped storage electromechanical equipment is helping China share resources across many power stations to reach ideal capacity.
DaeMyoung Energy Corporation, subsidiary company of DaeMyoung GEC, a large engineering and construction services company in South Korea has asked Alstom to provide wind turbines for Gowon wind farm. The wind farm is located in Gangwon province approximately 105 miles (170 kilometers) east of Seoul. Alstom will supply and supervise the installation and commissioning of six units of the ECO 110 Wind Turbines with 295 foot (90 meter) towers, each with an output of 3 megawatts. When operational, the wind farm will have a capacity of 18 megawatts.
The ECO 110 is equipped with Alstom Pure Torque technology, which protects the transmission chain by diverting unwanted stresses from the wind to the turbine’s tower and thereby optimizing performance. Exclusively developed by Alstom and deployed throughout its entire range of wind turbines, this technology increases the reliability and durability of each turbine. In addition, the nacelle’s specific design made up of three independent elements and of large dimensions, facilitates maintenance operations and safety inside of the machine.
The Gowon wind farm, the second secured by Alstom in Korea this year, will be fully operational by the end of 2015 and is set to support Korea’s aim to have renewable energy account for 20 percent of total electricity generated by 2020. With a population exceeding 50 million and limited domestic energy sources, coupled with huge demand, South Korea relies on imported sources for 96 percent of its energy supply.
The Gowon wind farm will be operated by joint owners Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (Eurus Energy) and DaeMyoung Energy Corporation. Eurus Energy is a leading Independent Power Producer in Japan with over 2000 megawatts in operating assets. Alstom has supplied wind turbines for Eurus Energy’s Satomi Wind Farm and is currently supplying turbines to Kawazu Wind Farm in Japan.
“We are pleased to be a part of Korea’s dedication to increasing its renewable energy footprint. This opportunity is significant as it will represent our continued presence for wind power in Korea and also working with our important customer Eurus Energy,” saya Yves Rannou, senior vice president, wind.
Alstom has been present in South Korea for over forty-five years having supplied to over 34 percent of hydro plants as well as the first TGV export systems solution in the KTX Project and the first High Voltage Direct Current link between Haenam and Jeju, among others. Alstom is currently supplying wind turbines to Gimnyeong wind farm.
Alstom was awarded a contract by the Hainan Pumped Storage Power Generation Co. Ltd. to equip Hainan Province’s first pumped storage power station.
Invested by China Southern Power Grid (CSG), Hainan Qiongzhong pumped storage power station is an important supporting facility for the Hainan Changjiang nuclear station in terms of peak load regulation. Alstom’s largest hydro power manufacturing site in Tianjin, China, will provide a comprehensive range of pumped storage electromechanical equipment including Alstom’s pump turbine, motor generator and balance-of-plant, as well as handling the design, delivery and installation supervision of the project. Alstom will provide three 200 megawatt units—including pump turbine, motor generator with other key equipment—to  the 600 megawatt new plant. The first unit is due to enter commercial operation on December 2017.
During off-peak hours, pumped storage uses the energy from other power stations to transfer water to a high storage reservoir. The stored water will later be reused to generate electricity to cover temporary peaks. As another successful cooperation with CSG, Alstom’s leading pumped storage technology will enable Hainan Qiongzhong pumped storage power station to respond quickly to fluctuating power demand and to manage demand peaks.
“This contract demonstrates our customers’ confidence and trust for the quality and excellent execution capability of Alstom team, and further reinforces our leading position on the hydro pumped storage power market. I strongly believe that our global expertise and complete local value chain will best position us to tap the booming Chinese’s pumped storage power market,” says Fabio Nossaes, General Manager of Alstom Hydro China.
Pumped storage is the most widespread energy storage system in use on power networks, and today there is over 127 gigawatts of pumped storage in operation around the world. Alstom has been providing units—that is, pump turbines and generators—for over fifty years and has supplied 140 units to date, which represents a market share of more than 39 percent and positions Alstom as the leader in this field. ■
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