At this year’s BAUMA exhibition, Grindex announced the launch of its updated range of drainage and sludge pumps. The updated pumps deliver increased running time and require less maintenance, which in turn reduces the total cost of ownership. As part of the continued strategy to provide customers with submersible electrical pumps that deliver the most value for money throughout their lifecycle, the Swedish pump manufacturer Grindex has launched its next generation of drainage and sludge pumps.
The Minex, Minette, Minor, Major, Master, and Matador drainage pumps and the Salvador, Senior, and Sandy sludge pumps have all been updated to deliver improved pumping performance, while the need for maintenance and spare parts has been reduced. The updated pumps now have a new seal design with a robust metal housing that offers improved heat transfer and sealing function for a longer life.
The pumps now consist of fewer parts, which reduce the risk of leakage and speeds up the maintenance process. A new lifting handle and a deeper groove in the strainer also means they are more ergonomic, while the Minor, Major, Senior and Sandy have new lifting eyelets for hooks. Also the dry running performance has been improved thanks to more and better air valves, and larger oil volume.
Improved hard-wearing features include new wear resistant impellers for the Minex and Minette drainage pumps, a wear resistant coating of polyurethane for all sludge pumps and a polyurethane-option for Minor to Matador drainage pumps.
A further safeguard measure is the proven SMART motor protection, which cuts the power if the temperature gets too high or if it loses a phase. The SMART also ensures the impeller turns in the right direction.
In coal fired power plants you will find quite a few sumps that require dewatering or slurry handling submersible pumps. Grindex has numerous pump types that are proven solutions for these applications.
Condensate Pit
The pit serves as a collection point for various drain tiles around the power plant. Being a low point of the plant, debris and abrasive solids often end up in the pit along the water. This requires a solution of pumping water mixed with solids.
A mid-sized dewatering pump (16HP) is suspended about 12 inches (304.8 millimeters) off the sump floor. A mid-sized sludge pump (20HP) sits on the sump floor and pumps the settled debris and solids. Being an alternating duplex system controlled by level regulators, it empties the sump automatically when needed. Once the water/debris leaves the sump it ends up in a slag pit where it is pumped out of the plant.
Coal Yard Lift Station
The lift station receives water and coal fines from the car dumper sump and from nearby coal tunnels. As the coal slurry is very abrasive, a pump with high wear resistance is required.
The Bravo pump (20 horsepower) was selected due to the hard metal material which offers superior wear resistance. Once pumped out of the lift station, the coal slurry is pumped to ground level right next to the coal pile.
Gas Purification: Wet Scrubber System
In the scrubber system, sprayed water is removing the solids from the smoke. As the fluid then holds a pH of 14, it’s very corrosive and needs neutralization. In this process, acid with pH 3 is mixed with the fluid and pumped between two neutralization pools. An aluminum Master dewatering pump (13 horsepower) was used but suffered heavily from corrosion and lasted only some 4 months before it was all worn out.
The dewatering pump Master INOX (13 horsepower) was installed. Being made of 316 stainless steel, this pump can operate in applications that would destroy aluminum pumps in matter of weeks or even days. After being operating for three months, it is still as good as new.
“At Grindex we are continuously working to develop our solutions, whether that means changing a screw to simplify maintenance, or opting for a new casing for greater durability and overall performance, says technical engineer, Jonas Bladh.
“Many of the changes in this latest generation of pumps are based on conversations with our customers and field engineers. We’ve listened to what they have to say, and where an improvement could be made we’ve made it,” he concludes. ■
Grindex is a world leader in electrical submersible pump technology for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry, and offers a complete line of highly efficient and reliable submersible pumps for drainage, sludge, and slurry applications. For more information. Contact Grindex Pumps at 708.781.2135,, or
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