Armstrong seal bearing assembly

Building a successful service business is huge challenge. Focusing on service excellence, creating value for customers and at the same time controlling your costs can make every-day operating decisions seem impossible. For servicing three-piece circulators, the choice of replacement parts can make a big difference for you and your customers. The Armstrong seal bearing assembly and replacement pump shaft bearing module now give pump users more options and helps them make the most of their service opportunities.

seal bearing assembly and replacement pump shaft bearing module key benefits


Armstrong Fluid Technology has introduced its Maintenance-Free (MF) versions of its S&H circulator line and the seal bearing assemblies (SBA) used to service them. The traditional sleeve bearing designs that are commonly used in this style of circulator require periodic oiling. The new Armstrong maintenance-free S& H Circulators eliminate the need for oiling, saving time and cost for building operators. The new MF S&H line will be offered as an additional option alongside the traditional sleeve bearing designs.

Armstrong seal bearing assemblies are also compatible with many competing circulator models that require maintenance. This allows building owners to upgrade those installed circulators by replacing the SBA with the maintenance-free Armstrong versions.

The universal module that services the 2, 3, 4, and 5 Series S&H circulators is also compatible with installed SBAs. A wide range of large institutional customers, such as school boards, property management companies, and pump and motor service specialists will see significant benefits from this versatile service part.

Now, with the new maintenance-free ball bearing option, the Armstrong seal bearing assembly gives technicians more choice and even more flexibility for serving their customers.

maintenance-free ball bearing option


With the right replacement parts solution for three-piece circulators, pump technicians can add more customer value by migrating installations to the Armstrong SBA platform. They can also reduce on-site service time to make service calls more profitable. Lastly, with the Armstrong SBA, they can minimize inventory costs by stocking parts that are compatible with multiple pump designs and sizes.


Andrew Januszewski is the marketing manager of Hydronics for Armstrong Fluid Technology, known around the world as a leader and innovator in design, engineering, and manufacturing of integrated solutions within the building oriented fluid-flow equipment industry. Armstrong products are internationally recognized for design innovation, quality, long service life, and superior operating economy. For more information, visit

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