Schneider Excavating of Elgin, Illinois was hired by Hargrave Builders of South Elgin, Illinois, to manage the dirt and water removal on a new project located in Carpentersville, Illinois: laying the foundation for a 100,000-square foot commercial building on a 40-acre lot. Due to an extremely rough season for weather, every time it would get dry enough it then quickly rained another two to three inches. This caused the project to fall behind schedule.

Schneider had been using a six-inch diesel trash pump for the dirt and water removal that could not keep up with dewatering requirements. Schneider knew it needed to put a new system in place so it consulted its rental company, Lee Jensen Sales based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, which recommended using Tsurumi dewatering pumps and a generator to resolve the problem. 


“The combination of the continuous rain and the diesel pump not being able to pump out the water fast enough really set us back,” says Todd Gray, project manager for Schneider Excavating. “We reached out to our rental company and said we needed to get a new system in place fast, so we don’t fall behind schedule.”

Ron Glaze, service technician at Lee Jensen Sales, supplied two KRS2-A6 Tsurumi pumps along with a generator to replace the diesel trash pump at the job site. The water table was elevated higher than the subgrade and needed to be deeper in order to lay the foundation. The job site was located one mile from the Fox River, which is a 202-mile-long tributary of the Illinois River, flowing from southeastern Wisconsin to Ottawa, Illinois. The proximity of the river required extra caution on the jobsite to ensure no dirt or water that was being pumped out went into the river. 

“When Todd from Schneider Excavating called us to let us know their current dewatering system was inefficient, we quickly came up with a solution for them,” says Chad Smith, operations manager of Lee Jensen Sales. “We decided they would need two KRS2-A6 Tsurumi Pumps and a generator to move the water more quickly and have twenty-four-hour runtime.”


The KRS2-A6 is a three-phase dewatering pump used for reliable, high volume dewatering. In this application, the pumps were able to pump in excess of 550 gallons per minute at 30 feet of head pressure. Running twenty-four hours a day for three months straight, the pumps were able to displace 129,600,000 gallons of ground water in order to construct the building’s foundation. The pumps were able to fulfill the dewatering requirements so that the next phase of the project can be completed.

Tsurumi’s KRS series has a wide range of pumps, varying from 3 to 50 horsepower, with capabilities of pumping up to 4,400 gallons per minute. The series boasts 4 and 6 pole motors, which extends the wear life on parts by at least 2 to 3 times due to the slower impeller tip speed. The rugged iron construction of the KRS series, along with standard features such as silicon carbide mechanical seals, anti-wicking cable entry, and Tsurumi’s patented oil lifter all help Tsurumi pumps to be some of the most durable in the industry.

Glenn Wieczorek is managing director of Tsurumi Pump in North America. Tsurumi pumps are manufactured using only the most durable components, and they feature patented, cutting-edge technology to make them one of the most reliable, trustworthy pumps on the market. The combination of these factors has led to remarkable successes in many fields, including construction, civil engineering, mining, industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater, sewage treatment, flood remediation, and more. For more information, visit www.tsurumipump.com.

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