Goulds Water Technology recently released their new e-GS 4-inch borehole pump, designed to handle sand and abrasives across myriad applications. Shukri Elmazi, a product manager in Xylem’s Applied Water Systems business unit, sat down with MPT to discuss the role of research, testing, and user feedback in designing a new pump.
MPT: Since sand handling can make quick work for many pumps, how has this addition to the e-GS series been upgraded to protect from corrosion?
Shukri Elmazi: Contact points result in wear, but the innovative floating stack hydraulic design of the e-GS 4-inch eliminates contact points. GWT is known for this design, which allows sand and abrasives to pass freely through the pump for virtually no wear between the impellers or any rotating components. The e-GS 4-inch is also made from stainless steel and engineered composite materials, providing corrosion resistance, longevity, strength and ultimately greater reliability over competitors’ pumps.
MPT: Who should consider themselves an ideal customer for this product?
Shukri Elmazi: The ideal customer base for the Goulds Water Technology e-GS 4-inch submersible borehole pump encompasses a broad range of end-users and applications. Essentially, any application in which groundwater is being extracted from a 4-inch or larger well is an application for this product, such as irrigation, agriculture, municipal systems, small communities with shared wells and private homes.

MPT: What options can end-users choose from to maximize the benefits to their applications?
Shukri Elmazi: The e-GS 4-inch is highly versatile in that it can pump water from extreme depths, and because of the stainless steel materials, harsh water conditions are not damaging. The advanced sand handling capability lends itself to even greater versatility, enabling the e-GS 4-inch to stand up to even the sandiest wells.

The proprietary bearing system used by the e-GS 4-inch gives it the ability to run dry without affecting internal components, thereby extending product life. Additionally, the e-GS 4-inch can adapt a 6-inch motor to a 4-inch pump, giving the end-user greater flexibility.
MPT: What approach has GWT taken to ensure low maintenance costs for this pump?
Shukri Elmazi: All GWT products undergo a considerable amount of research and development, as well as years of extensive field-testing, to ensure that every component functions at the highest level without damage. The fact that the e-GS 4-inch can run dry and easily manage sand and abrasives significantly reduces the need for maintenance. In addition to minimal maintenance costs, the advanced hydraulics of the e-GS 4-inch make it up to 13 percent more energy efficient while producing higher pressure than competitors, translating into additional savings for the end-user.
MPT: What have the initial reactions been from your customers? How important is end-user feedback to your team of designers and engineers?
Shukri Elmazi: We have received a great deal of positive feedback from customers regarding the extra performance and efficiency improvements of the e-GS 4-inch. Another feature that has been positively received is that in some cases customers can use a smaller horsepower motor than with previous designs or competitors’ products. Customer feedback is taken seriously at GWT, and we continually use that data to improve our products.◆
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