Superior Aluminum Products, a leading manufacturer of aluminum railings, fencing, columns, and column wraps, recently held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the company’s 50,000-square foot expansion at its Russia, Ohio facility. The new addition represents a 45 percent increase in the facility’s current size and will have space for both manufacturing floorspace and administrative offices, along with engineering, design, research and development, and customer service.

The expansion will add seventeen new jobs to Superior Aluminum over the next three years, with support from the Dayton Development Coalition. Family-owned Superior Aluminum has averaged more than 30 percent growth over the past three years, fueled by new products such as patented Snap-Tite PVC column wraps, mesh railing, and glass railing. Even with that healthy growth, the company has maintained a 97 percent on-time delivery rate.

President Doug Borchers, the son of co-founder Ed Borchers, said at the ceremony, “I know what the labor pool is in Russia and Shelby County, and it is known that these people are hardworking, they’re small town, with Midwest farming community values and work ethic.”