Chopper pumps routinely are tasked with handling difficult media, heavy loads, and tough conditions. If you want to compete in this sector of the pump industry, your pump needs to be reliable and durable—not just after the installation but for the long haul. At a London-based snack-food manufacturer, Landia has just supplied its twenty-fifth pump in a partnership that is now celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

Supplying branded and private-label snack and chips products for both independent and major retailers within the United Kingdom and across Europe, the food manufacturer began using Landia long-shaft chopper pumps two decades ago to transfer effluent from below-ground pits to its wastewater treatment plant.


First supplied as 5.5kW units, but in more recent years as 7.5kW, some of the original smaller chopper pumps are still working, with only a bare minimum of basic wear and tear parts ever required.

Landia’s MPG-I long-shaft vertical chopper pumps are designed with a fan-cooled motor that sits above the liquid surface and is therefore well protected. The pump contains no seals, which makes it extremely robust and tough.

With output rated up to 1,500 rpm, these pumps are perfect for applications in biogas plants, abattoirs, the paper industry, and the fish industry and are suitable for pumping liquid with high dry-matter content. Available with adjustable bottom flushing, the MPG-I long-shaft vertical chopper pump can perform a maximum 1,000 operational hours with a suggested maintenance schedule of only once a year.


Landia’s MPG-I long shaft pumps are a range of extremely robust and tough vertical chopper pumps. They have an established history in many forms of industrial production, waste-to-energy plants, and food processing. 

This latest long-term landmark for Landia follows its recent milestone with North Wales-based KK Fine Foods (manufacturers of high-quality meat, fish, and vegetarian meals), where its wastewater mixing and aeration system has completed five years of uninterrupted service. Landia has also provided numerous wastewater pumping, mixing and aeration solutions to the food and drink industry, including at Hook Norton Brewery, 2 Sisters Food Group, and Aspall Cyder. 


Soren Rasmussen is the director of Landia, Inc. Landia uses its nearly ninety years of experience to continue to develop new and efficient products and solutions. Together with its customers, Landia is aiming for new heights. Customers get a partner with a strong team of happy employees who focus on what matters most to them: good solutions that solve the task at the lowest possible cost. For more information, call 919.466.0603, email, visit

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