Smith & Loveless above-ground EVERLAST® Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations strike the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, reliability, and operational efficiency for municipalities, private developments, and businesses transferring small- to medium-sized flows of wastewater.

With all pumping equipment, valves, and controls immediately accessible at ground level, these systems are more convenient and cost-effective to operate than traditional submersible pumps. These packaged stations arrive pre-assembled with all equipment installed on a common base and a quick-access enclosure, allowing quick and easy installation on the wet well after basic suction pipe and electrical connections were completed.

Immediate and safe ground-level access to the pumping equipment means these systems significantly reduce the time and personnel required to perform regular O&M. Confined space entry and associated requirements are virtually eliminated, including permitting, harnesses, gas monitoring equipment, and other OSHA and Class 1 Division 1 requirements. 

Routine tasks like pulling a pump to change a seal or impeller can be completed in minutes by a single operator, without the use of outside contractors or pricey pump maintenance centers. This contributes significantly to lower S&L EVERLAST® parts and O&M costs when compared to submersibles—documented as much as 50-plus percent—and long service life.

Naturally, operating a pumping system above the liquid level requires priming assistance. There are a variety of ways this can be achieved—including via liquid or compressed air assistance—but S&L’s EVERLAST® sets itself apart from other “self-primers” with a proprietary vacuum-priming system that is more energy-efficient, safe, and serviceable.


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