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Designing and manufacturing equipment for the biopharm sector requires a number of talented people with a wealth of training and expertise. However, it also means listening to what customers ask for. In response to customers seeking a small and simple cased peristaltic pump, Watson Marlow has launched their 120 pumps, which are perfectly suited to single-use systems where no contamination can be accepted.  Ultimately the 120 pumps have been developed to increase the low-flow capabilities of the company’s product range for applications in the biopharm sector. The market need for the 120 range is well understood, with customers voicing their own mantra, “keep it small, keep it simple.” Accordingly, the new 120 pump is focused on size, performance, and ease-of-use.


With development based on extensive feedback from customers, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has launched its 120 cased peristaltic pump range. The 120 pumps are perfectly suited to single-use systems where no contamination can be accepted.

Eric W. Johnson at Novozymes Inc, who was one of the first people to use the 120 pump comments: “I love simple and this has a small footprint without a lot of bells and whistles. Easy menu, short learning curve, improved performance, and hopefully zero maintenance, have generally left me very impressed and satisfied with this unit.”

The biopharm sector embraces applications such as fermenter feed, an upstream process important in both production and research, where the growth of cell cultures demands an accurate and repeatable process with no contamination. Ultra-compact and stackable for multiple feeds like pH control, antifoam, nutrient and buffer addition, the 120 offers the ideal combination of size and technology to optimize the process. The pump will also be effective where the validation of drug research experiments demands accurate flow rate, easy monitoring of parameters and process control.

Biopharm processes require accurate and repeatable pumping that is easy to validate. With an exceptional 2,000:1 speed range (speed accuracy ±1 percent) and a selection of USP Class VI tubes, the 120 delivers the flexibility and purity so vital to drug trials.

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Pump size was a priority on the 120 enclosure design because benchtop space is a premium for biopharm companies. Pumps measure just 4.3 inches (110 millimeters) in width which is significantly smaller than most pumps offering similar flow rates. The 120 pumps also benefit from an intuitive interface which makes them quick and simple to set-up and reduces the number of key presses and potential errors.

Simplicity is also captured by the new 114 pumphead, where the spring-loaded flip-top track secures repetitive flow and pressure performance. The 114 pumphead provides error-free tube changing in only seconds, with tubing clamped and tensioned automatically to ensure repeatable performance.


The unit also has a hygienic enclosure ideally suited to ethanol wipe-down, while the smooth lines of the enclosure eliminate bug traps and help prevent the tearing of gloves.

The illuminated numeric speed display provides easy recording of operating parameters, giving customers greater flexibility and repeatability in their processes. A keypad lock prevents accidental key presses, offering process security. All 120 pumps are IP31 rated and carry a three year warranty. Processes are boosted further through the use of Watson-Marlow’s high tolerance tubing, which is designed specifically to give optimum performance in its pumps.

Further benefiting the bottom line, operating costs can be predicted for the customer over the lifetime of the pump because tubing is the only consumable. The ultra-quiet 120 cased pump range is available with three different models for fixed speed, manual or remote auto control, and five single and multi-channel pumpheads.

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Russell Merritt is the marketing manager for Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group and can be reached at 978.988.5307 or  Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology group is the world’s largest manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, Biopharmaceutical grade tubing, Flexicon liquid filling systems, and BioPure single-use flow path components. For more information, visit

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