SCHENCK USA CORP. is a subsidiary of SCHENCK CORP. Its parent company is Carl Schenck AG of Darmstadt, Germany; whose shares are ultimately held by Dürr, AG of Bietigheim, Germany. 

SCHENCK USA CORP. is the company’s new name as a result of the merger of Schenck Trebel Corp. and Schenck RoTec Corporation into one entity that comprises Schenck’s Balancing and Diagnostic Systems Group for North America under Schenck RoTec GmbH. 

SCHENCK USA CORP. is on four acres in Deer Park, New York, that includes a 22,800-square-foot manufacturing and assembly plant, and 17,000 square feet of office space for sales, service, administration and engineering personnel. The company’s Southfield, Michigan, location is also a manufacturing and assembly plant serving the automotive customer base with a local engineering and service support staff. 

SCHENCK USA provides a range of balancing and vibration analysis equipment for the production, maintenance and repair of rotating components. The company’s engineering staff offers a range of experience for any balancing application and maintains a close presence on the balancing committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), to ensure the latest practices and procedures are applied. The company is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. 

The service team is available for the commissioning and calibration of balancing equipment from multiple North American service points, in addition to leveraging a global service support structure. With the company’s recent acquisition of Test Devices Inc., of Hudson, Massachusetts, it has expanded its capacities in the spin testing and balancing services areas. 

The company provides production, sales and servicing of balancing, filling, assembly and test systems, vibration and monitoring systems as well as accompanying services for the automotive industry and their suppliers, for the electrical industry, turbomachinery, general industries, and aviation and space. 

In order to maintain its current role as a market and innovation leader in these fields, the company is dedicated to the following points:

  • Thoroughly understanding customers’ needs and exceeding expectations through partnership interactions 
  • Ensuring high quality by continuously improving the effectiveness of the company’s processes, products and services in accordance with its quality management system (QMS) 
  • Contributing to the global success of SCHENCK by observing and proactively anticipating market developments 
  • Ensuring a safe workplace for the company’s employees and visitors 
  • Complying with laws and regulations applicable to the company’s operations 
  • Treating vendors fairly in partnership arrangements 
  • Creating a rewarding and challenging environment of integrity and ethics 
  • Constitute a positive environment, where the company encourages internal improvement suggestions 

HM-Series Machine Advantages at a Glance

HM-Series machines are designed to:

  • meet most balancing requirements in single-unit or in high volume production 
  • solve many horizontal, hard-bearing balancing tasks 
  • be fitted to many individual applications because of its modular design 
  • be well suited for the industrial work in a repair shop due to their sturdy construction 
  • make fast and accurate balancing possible due to permanent calibration 
  • have a measuring sequence with digital measured value processing that makes them stable 
  • enable balancing of a large spectrum of rotors with variable rotor support and adaptable drive 
  • offer a comprehensive safety package for the protection classes B and C, which will protect operating personnel.

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