Pumps 2000

Pumps 2000, the world leading innovator of diaphragm pumps, introduces the world’s first high-volume (HV) pumps. The 3-inch HV ball valve pump can deliver flow rates up to 416 gallons per minute and pass up to 1.3-inch solids. The 4-inch slurry valve pump delivers flow rates up to 540 gallons per minute and pass 3-inch solids. The high-volume pump series give the user the flexibility in applications where traditionally the only option was electrically driven pumps with the same flow capacities or solid handling capabilities. Pumps 2000 high volume AODD pumps are suitable for pumping applications in all industries and gives the user an alternative in using air pumps to achieve desired flows and slurry handling capabilities that could previously only be obtained with electrically driven pumps.

Pumps 2000 is a superior brand of diaphragm pumps that out-perform and outlast all others. It is the first redesign of the diaphragm pump specifically designed for abrasive, solid-laden, and corrosive fluids in mining and industrial environments. The use of engineered, injected molded plastics gives us greater freedom in material composition and has led to the development of lubrication-free pumps and our own plastic blends. This has created an alternative to other heavy and maintenance-intensive diaphragm pumps. You will find greater flow, larger solids handling, lower air consumption, lower noise levels, and reduced weight but the most important aspects are the reliability, performance and longer maintenance free life. 

Pumps 2000 patented features make it possible to offer market-leading low life‑cycle cost and energy savings while delivering outstanding performance in the harshest environments and most difficult applications. Our unique combination of in-house R&D and manufacturing enables us to offer pumps that are technically superior and of significantly higher quality than those offered by competitors.

  • Patented double‑hinged diaphragms eliminate the stress on the diaphragm when it flexes, which significantly increases the life over other brands.
  • Patented self-cleaning and larger solids handling ball valve and slurry valve design eliminates the problems that plague other brands.
  • Patented longer lasting modular air motor components with self-lubricating wear resistant plastics that are non-stalling / freezing and less sensitive to grit / debris in the air lines. 
  • Patented main seal that eliminates the need to replace the shaft. 
  • Reduced CFM requirement resulting in lower energy costs. 
  • Lightweight design reduces neck and back injuries. 
  • Lower noise levels (below 84 db). 

For more information, visit www.pumps2000.com and www.pumps2000america.com