Alstom is the world leading supplier of hydro power generation equipment and systems, with more than 25 percent of the global hydropower installed capacity. Leading the way in hydro innovation, Alstom technology is central to many record-breaking hydropower plants in the world, including the world’s five highest capacity hydro installations in operation. Two recent partnerships illustrate Alstom’s commitment to providing power generation solutions around the world.
Latvenergo, the leading power company in Latvia, has commissioned Alstom to refurbish 6 x 69 MW Kaplan units for the Riga hydropower plant, located on the 634 mile (1020 kilometer) long Daugauva river in Latvia.
The scope of the contract includes the refurbishment of the turbines, the generators, a new control system and auxiliary equipment. Alstom intends to use local companies in the execution of the contract. One unit per year will be refurbished for the next eight years and the renovation will be completed in 2022. As a result of the reconstruction, the annual production at the Riga hydropower plant will grow by at least 20 GWh.
The Riga hydropower plant is one of the three main hydropower plants of the country which produce more than 50 percent of the electricity in Latvia. The Riga hydropower plant produced 679 GWh of environmentally-friendly energy in 2013; its rehabilitation will extend its lifetime for at least forty years and increase its efficiency.
“Alstom has a long standing experience in hydropower. Our dedicated team will be fully committed to refurbish the Riga hydropower plant in a manner that improves reliability, lowers long term operating costs, and benefits the environment. This contract shows our commitment to the Latvian hydro market’’ declares Eric Staurset, Alstom Nordic and Baltic countries director.
“The Riga hydropower plant is strategically important for energy supply in Latvia, and we will be able to raise the efficiency of the hydropower plant and enhance its operation safety for the coming decades. We have chosen Alstom because they will implement specific solutions reducing the outage duration of each unit to the benefit of Latvenergo’’ says Maris Kunickis, AS Latvenergo production director.
With an installed base accounting for a quarter of the world’s hydro facilities, Alstom has developed extensive experience assessing and servicing, retrofitting and modernizing power plants in operation. Alstom Hydro supports plant operators, owners and investors to reduce the total cost of ownership thanks to a comprehensive asset management program.
The Riga hydropower plant (Photo courtesy of Latvernergo)
Chinese company Sinohydro has asked Alstom  to provide electro-mechanical equipment and technical services for Karuma Hydropower Project, Uganda’s largest electricity plant. This is Alstom’s third contract awarded by Sinohydro after successful cooperation of Bui hydropower project in Ghana and Soubre project in Côte d’lvoire.
Alstom will provide six 100MW Francis turbine-generator sets and related equipment for this project. Alstom Hydro China (AHC) is responsible for the equipment design, manufacturing, supervision to the installation, commissioning, testing as well as site services.
Located along River Nile in the districts of Kiryadongo and Oyam, 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) downstream Karuma falls, the Karuma electricity plant is the largest hydropower project in Uganda with a capacity of 600MW. Once this project is put into operation, it will provide 40 percent of power supply for Uganda, greatly contributing to the social and economic growth locally.
A Kaplan hydro turbine.
“This contract further reinforces Alstom’s leading position in Africa’s hydropower market thanks to our advanced technology and long standing expertise in hydro power and we are honored to be able to contribute to Africa’s power development plan,” says Jacques Hardelay, Hydro senior vice president in Alstom’s Renewable Energies.
“I also appreciate the confidence and trust that Sinohydro has towards Alstom’s products and solutions,” says Fabio Nossaes, general manager of Alstom Hydro China.
Over 100 years of experience enable the market leader to provide its customers with solutions for both new and installed power plants. Alstom Hydro China is Alstom’s largest hydropower industrial site worldwide. Over the past ten years, it has accumulated a 20 percent market share of the total Chinese installed capacity of large hydro equipment. Apart from China, AHC is also playing an increasingly significant role in Asian and African hydropower market with a number of export projects. ◆
Cécile Dodat is media relations and content senior manager for Alstom Renewable Power. Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. For more information, visit

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