W3TS Test Switch

NovaTech Automation has recently acquired the the TestSwitch LLC line of products, including the flagship, W3TS Test Switch. With the addition of TestSwitch’s products, NovaTech Automation reinforces its commitment to delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions for critical infrastructure. The W3TS Test Switch and other TestSwitch products will be seamlessly integrated into NovaTech Automation’s portfolio. For more information, visit or


BLITZDUCTORconnect Surge Protectors

BLITZDUCTORconnect yellow/line compact data and signal surge protectors feature a modular, compact design for system protection in industrial environments, information technology signal interfaces, and automation or measuring and control systems. The integrated LifeCheck monitoring function helps ensure the arrester can protect equipment from lightning strikes and surges. Several protection module types are available to configure a system, including units that protect low-voltage, analog, and communication circuits. For more information, visit


Fisher FIELDVUE 4400 

The Fisher FIELDVUE 4400 position transmitter from Emerson is for use in critical isolation valve applications, including chemical reactor feed shutdown, pressure swing absorption, mineral pressure oxidation isolation, steam generator shutdown, and others. HART-enabled FIELDVUE 4400 valve position transmitters offer a cost-effective and are very easy to calibrate. As compared to limit switches, it provides much higher reliability, along with valve diagnostics and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 capabilities. For more information, visit


Quattroflow QB2-SD Single-Use Micropump

PSG Biotech, a provider of pump, flow-sensor and flow-measurement technologies for use in life science and biopharmaceutical process applications, and a brand of PSG, releases the new Quattroflow QB2-Standard (QB2-SD) Single-Use Precision Micropump. The Quattroflow QB2-SD works on the positive displacement principle where fixed cavities of liquid are transferred from inlet to outlet around a rotor. This creates high vacuum levels of -0.6 bar (-9 psi) and exhibits back-pressure capabilities up to 0.2 bar (2.9 psi). For more information, visit