Fisher easy-Drive 200R Electric Actuator

The Fisher easy-Drive 200R Electric Actuator is for use on Fisher butterfly and ball valves. When paired with these valves, the new actuator performs accurately and reliably under the extreme conditions found in many heavy industries, particularly oil and gas installations in cold remote locations. These actuator/valve assemblies increase uptime, improve performance, and reduce the risk of emissions posed by gas-operated systems locations. For more information, visit www.emerson.com/fisher200r.


Posidyne X-Class Clutch Brakes

Ideal for incline conveyor applications because they provide precise positioning each cycle, Posidyne X-Class Clutch Brakes act as a holding brake so that materials never slide backward on the incline. They are oil filled and sealed so they do not rust, and they do so without maintenance or adjustment. Posidyne X-Class Clutch Brakes allow higher cycle rates (as high as 300 cycles per minute), and unparalleled service life (20 to 40 million cycles) to increase production rates with lower downtime. For more information, visit www.forcecontrol.com.


Pro2 Power Supply Communication Modules 

WAGO Pro2 communication modules easily snap into place as an add-on to WAGO Pro2 power supplies. These modules are available with various communication protocols and their respective communication ports. With this added connectivity, remote access to features, settings, and real-time data monitored by the power supplies is possible. The new WAGO Pro2 communication modules come with a two-year warranty. For more information, visit www.wago.com.


Qdos H-FLO Chemical Metering and Dosing Pump

Qdos H-FLO delivers the same outstanding accuracy and reliability as other Qdos pumps but for higher flow rates with a variety of pump heads and a range of different tube material to ensure chemical compatibility with the process fluid. The Qdos H-FLO high-precision pump offers flexibility to be scalable with a customer’s process, whether it is in water and wastewater treatment, mining and mineral processing, chemical applications in food and beverage, or pulp and paper. For more information, visit www.wmfts.com.