Do you want zero wear to pump shafts? At Plastic Molding Consulting, we are a group of engineers and chemists with long experience and expertise in plastics and pride ourselves on providing near perfect components for the elimination of wear. Long in use in the field with our clients, our Obtanium wear components will be introduced and available to the public at this year’s Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia in Houston, Texas.

Our client Carver Pump has been testing Obtanium wear components for fifteen years with no wear to pump shafts.

Features of this new component material include:

  • Obtanium uses a unique method to reduce the contact area between bushing and shaft.
  • Obtanium is filled with perfectly round ceramic spheres.
  • Obtanium bearings have been in the field for fifteen years, running dry and wet, with no wear on the shaft or wear components.
  • Obtanium, in a side-by-side test, has out-performed every other product in the market. 

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