Piezo Motion Corp. announces a partnership with Electromate, a premier source for high-performance automation and motion control components and systems in North America. Electromate is expanding its precision motion product line with Piezo Motion’s versatile rotary and linear motors. Piezo Motion’s precision motors are engineered with minimal components enabling economical products for small- and large-scale applications while having a stable and reliable final result. Designed explicitly for manufacturers that require precise control in a small and economical package, Piezo Motion’s product line is the solution to the motion control industry’s needs.

“In the world of ‘motion control,’ there is no automation technology more differentiated than piezo motor technology,” explains Warren Osak, CEO and founder of Electromate. “Piezo Motion’s line of rotary and linear piezo motors address many of the must-have requirements we see in our OEM marketplace—accuracy, repeatability, reliability, and cost reduction. Canada has a thriving medical, biomedical, and life science market, and we predict Piezo Motion’s products will be well received and applied in many new equipment designs. Introducing this unique technology will enable our customers to build better machines and compete globally.”