The KB Series is a versatile and economical peristaltic metering pump for high-precision dosing in water treatment or wastewater treatment applications.

When addressing the features of precision metering pumps, one of the most underrated safety aspects is the pump’s ease of use. Whether preventing user oversight or providing ready-to-use measuring information, the simpler a pump is to use, the safer. With this in mind, Albin Pump, an Ingersoll Rand business and a leading global provider of metering solutions for numerous industries, has launched its newly developed KB and KM Series cased-drive benchtop peristaltic pumps. 

By virtue of their innovative, patent pending design, these pumps offer excellent dosing characteristics as well as ensure maximum safety and unprecedented ease of use. Targeting the industrial and municipal markets, respectively, the new pump range can support a wide variety of chemical and water treatment processes. 


Pump models are offered with a maximum pressure level of 110 psi (7.6 bar) and flow rates up to 160 gallons per hour. They provide a suction lift of up to 30 feet and turndowns of 200:1 (for the KB Series) and 10,000:1 (for the KM Series). Both of the newly introduced peristaltic metering pump ranges, which feature self-priming capabilities, are defined by their high-precision flow performance, with each rotation translating into exactly the same displacement and resulting in the delivery of a smooth and consistent chemical feed. 


Albin Pump has put every effort into maximizing the safety and reliability of its newest peristaltic metering pumps, ensuring that they are easy to use and maintain. The pumps do not use any check valves or moving parts in the liquid path, with the tubing being the only wetted element and an integrated leak detection sensor in the pump housing. Their patent-pending offset rotor assembly releases tube compression during maintenance, which means that a tube change does not require the user to manipulate the tube while the rotor is turning. In addition, the tube can be drained and flushed prior to its removal. 


The KB and KM Series pumps are equipped with a color LCD display, and available with multiple analogue and digital inputs and outputs for full control. Users can easily switch between local and remote operation with the help of a single button, without any need for complex multistep menu navigation. Standard pump models can be field-upgraded to include industrial protocols, so customers can buy a pump that meets their current needs at a lower price with the option of upgrading it in the future and include a USB-C port for upgrading software features and downloading pump data.


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Established in 1928, Albin Pump is a leading manufacturer of peristaltic pumps for industrial and municipal applications. We develop, manufacture and sell best-in-class products that optimize processes through the use of innovative technologies. Our pump portfolio includes a broad range of configurations and tailored solutions to meet all of our customers’ unique process requirements. Our pumps are designed and produced in our own facilities in France and the United States. For more information, visit

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