Series RT, 5000, 7000, and 9000
Reelcraft Industries now offers a non-corrosive fluid path option on many of our popular reels, including Series RT, 5000, 7000, and 9000. For approximately half the price of stainless steel reels, these new reels feature non-corrosive fluid paths designed for corrosive materials. These reels are rigid enough to withstand industrial or commercial use applications such as agriculture, food service, chemical spraying, fire and rescue, mining, and grounds keeping. With a special cleaning and lubrication process, these reels may also be suitable for drinking water and breathing air. The structural reinforcements reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity. The fluid path is engineered to provide maximum corrosion resistance for a better value. For more information, contact Bill Martin, national sales manager, at 260.248.8188, 800.444.3134, or visit
Lug Type Butterf ly Valve
G.I.E. Inc.’s plastic lined butterfly valve lug type features face-to-face dimensions as per as per ANSI B16.10 150# Narrow / EN 558-2 Series 20 and is suitable for mounting on ANSI B16.5 150# flanges This is in addition to testing as per API 598 / EN 12266-1 and stem connection and integrated actuator mounting flange as per ISO 5211. Features also include spring loaded stem seal, elastomeric backing for body liner, a three coat epoxy external surface finish, and direct mounting of manual geared or pneumatic actuator for automation. For more information, visit
TDEPS Electronic Pressure Switch
The new TDEPS electronic pressure switch designed by Transducers Direct is the first in the industry with digital reliability, patented design and proprietary circuitry that creates redundant sensing capability. The UL-approved, US-made switch eliminates all mechanical components, wear parts and setpoint drift for ultimate reliability in shock and vibration applications in mobile hydraulic equipment, injection molding machinery, rolling mills, amusement park rides, timber processing equipment and similar applications. Unique in design, the TDEPS uses a one-piece, precision-machined stainless steel diaphragm and header. It provides ten times the life of a conventional diaphragm and eliminates all springs, pushrods, micro switches and o-rings. All wetted parts are stainless steel. The TDEPS senses pressure by using a time-to-digital converter (TDC) to measure the duration of a capacitive discharge across the changing resistance in a Wheatstone bridge atop the diaphragm. For more information, contact Mark McDaniel at 513.583.9491 or
DuroSite and SafeSite LED Flood Light
Specifically designed for the world’s harshest environments, Dialight’s LED Flood Lights feature integrated power supplies based on topologies and design techniques developed over several years.  The easy to install Flood Lights are rated to operate in temperatures between -40 and 149 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 and 65 degrees Celsius) and provide up to an impressive 20 kV surge protection. The DuroSite and SafeSite LED Flood Light family is also on the DesignLights Consortium’s Solid State Lighting Fixtures Qualified Products List. Posting on the DLC list identifies the fixture as eligible for valuable utility rebate programs at the discretion of participating DLC utility partners and validates the High Bay’s exceptional energy efficiency and lighting efficacy. DLC sets efficiency specifications for commercial LED lighting in categories not included in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program, with only thoroughly tested products making their list of qualified products. By making this list, facilities who install Dialight’s LED Flood Light not only receive fixtures with ten-year full performance warranties and high efficiency but may also qualify for many state and utility energy efficient rebate programs—meaning a short payback period and substantial total cost of ownership savings. For more information, visit


XRF Scanner
With its continuous improvement initiative and ISO 9001 certification, Val-Matic Valve has implemented a Positive Material Identification (PMI) process for Class rated components containing special alloys.  The process uses X-Ray Fluorescent Spectroscopy (XRF) technology to identify the part alloy identification and elemental chemistry. Additionally, specially made plating standards are used with the XRF analyzer to verify the thickness of chrome and nickel plating thicknesses even when the substrate contains similar elements. For more information, visit


Model B7 High-Flow/High-Sensitivity Back Pressure Relief Regulator
The introduction of a new Model B7 High-Flow/High-Sensitivity Back Pressure Relief Regulator is proof once again that Cashco Inc., listens to customer requests. “The new B7 valve came about largely as a result of requests for an equivalent to our P7 High-Flow/High Sensitivity Pressure Reducing Regulator, which we introduced in 2005,” says Clint Rogers, general manager, valve division, Cashco, Inc. “So we were able to go back and look at the P7 unit and utilize as many components as possible, in effect, giving our customers a back pressure valve with the durability and ease of operation with which they were already comfortable and confident.” For more information, call 785.472.4461 or visit
Fluoride Monitoring System
Electronics manufacturing engineers and plant technicians in need of a Fluoride measurement solution will find the new Fluoride Monitoring System from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) provides a highly accurate turn-key analyzer solution for semiconductor wastewater treatment processes. The next-generation Fluoride Monitoring System from ECD is designed with its new advanced dual-channel T80 Universal Transmitter and precision S80 Intelligent pION Sensor for Fluoride and S80 Intelligent pH Sensor.  Together, they provide highly accurate and reliable measurement of Fluoride for electronics industry manufacturing plant wastewater treatment. The T80 Transmitter provides dual-channel comparison of measurements or inputs, which can improve the accuracy of Fluoride measurement. For example, Fluoride ions are affected by changes in the pH of a solution. The correct measurement of Fluoride levels is only possible if pH is also measured and appropriate compensation algorithms are processed. The S80 pH Sensor and the dual-channel T80 Transmitter easily handles these types of measurement comparisons. For more information, contact Joe Bradley at 714.692.1333, email, or visit
31EP/32EP Pressure Transducer
Looking for a compact, explosion proof pressure transducer? Oil and gas equipment needs a pressure transducer that is reliable and able to withstand extreme environmental and pressure conditions. Gems Sensors explosion proof units offer an alternative to high priced, unreliable alternatives. The 31EP and 32EP feature all stainless steel wetted parts, a broad selection of electrical and pressure connections and a wide choice of electrical outputs. Our manufacturing process includes the latest automated equipment, producing consistent sensor performance. The compact yet rugged construction of these units makes them ideal for installation where space in a hazardous environment is at a premium. For more information, visit
Champion PRO Toilet and SaTo Hygienic Toilet Pan
Buy a Champion and be a champion. It’s that simple. For every Champion toilet sold in the U.S. and Canada in 2014, American Standard will donate one sanitary toilet pan to help save lives and improve the quality of life in developing countries. American Standard engineers have invented the SaTo (pronounced SAH-toh, derived from “Safe Toilet”), a cost effective hygienic toilet pan that uses ingeniously simple mechanical and water seals to close off pit latrines from the open air, thereby reducing disease transmission. In 2013 alone, the Company distributed more than 500,000 SaTos to families in Bangladesh, providing them with a safe sanitation solution. Learn more about the American Standard Flush For Good campaign, which aims to raise the standard of living for families experiencing lack of safe water and sanitation facilities. Visit For more information on the complete line of Champion PRO toilets, visit or call 800.442.1902.
TSR2000 Series Bench-Top Dispensing Robots
Techcon Systems, a product group of OK International and a leading provider of fluid dispensing systems and products, has introduced the new line of TSR2000 Series bench-top dispensing robots. The new robot series is easy to program, simple to operate, and compatible with all valve types and controllers. The versatile TSR2000 dispensing platforms deliver consistent, high performance dispensing results at an affordable price, and are ideal for the following applications: dispense dots of solder paste, form-in-place gasket, filling, potting, encapsulation, bonding and coating. Designed and configured specifically for fluid dispensing applications, Techcon Systems robots provide total control over fluid placement, from beads, arcs and circles to repeated timed dots. Programming is simple via teach pendant. From a general assembly manufacturer looking to automate an existing dispensing application to an engineer designing a production process from scratch, Techcon Systems dispensing robots offer unsurpassed value in automated precision fluid dispensing. For more information, visit
Stingray Portable Open Channel Flow Logger
Greyline’s new portable Stingray 2.0 is a compact, battery-powered area-velocity flow logger. It data logs level, velocity and water temperature readings for flow monitoring through open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes. Use it for flow surveys, I&I studies, stormwater, irrigation water and sewage. The Stingray 2.0 uses a new and improved submerged, steel reinforced, PVC ultrasonic sensor to measure both velocity and level in the channel. No calibration is required. It operates up to four years on standard alkaline D-cell batteries. For more information, email or visit

Electric Tensioner Pump
Aztec Bolting Services Inc., a leading provider of bolting tools to the natural gas, oil, petrochemical, and wind energy industries for the past twenty-five years, announces its latest tool, a new generation electric tensioner pump designed for critical bolting applications, specifically in the wind and power generation industries. “This pump is taking tensioning to a new era,” says Larry Garza, owner of Aztec Bolting Services Inc. “The tool has a unique footprint; it is 65 percent smaller than anything on the market. Portability and compact design are key in our industry and this tool has them both.” Other key design features include the fast pressure-up and retract and a hi-tech, calibrated digital gauge, multi-functional intrinsically safe remote control, and certified one point lift. For more information, call 800.233.8675 or visit
Single Rolling DiaphragmPGM Control Valves
Singer Valve, a leading manufacturer of control valves has now added Single Rolling Diaphragm (SRD) technology to the 106/206 PGM Valve Series. The 106/206 PGM Series Control Valves are designed for particularly sensitive applications or situations where valves are difficult to access and maintain. They provide an integral back up control and the ability to signal should the desired function move off limits. It can also provide an independent and very positive override. With SRD technology the valve becomes incredibly steady throughout a complete range of flows and eradicates the need of additional low flow bypass valves.  The effective area of a single rolling diaphragm remains constant so the bonnet is much smaller and lighter than a flat diaphragm version. A measured quantity into the bonnet control chamber always gives the same smooth movement of the inner valve through the entire stroke. For more information, visit
Laser Vibrometer MSL-7000
The new SKF Laser Vibrometer (MSL-7000 series) serves as an ideal laser-based tool to measure vibration and structure-borne noise from fans, electric motors, and pumps reliably without making contact with their surfaces. This non-contact vibration sensor offers a compact and robust solution to deliver optimal results on every measurement surface, regardless of environmental conditions.  The technology benefits from a high-end contactless velocity proportional sensor and is especially suitable to perform process-integrated, “end of line” acoustic inspections of “noise critical” equipment for information on manufacturing quality and compliance with a product’s acoustic emission limits. The direct integration of the SKF Laser Vibrometer into a production line ultimately can create a real-time quality control system for products enabling pass/fail decisions on the basis of structure-borne vibration. The vibrometer further supports flexible re-setting of manufacturing batches and test set-ups. For more information, call 800.440.4SKF or visit

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