Forblue Flemion Ion-exchange Membrane  

Forblue Flemion, a fluorinated ion-exchange membrane, is used in salt electrolysis plants to produce caustic soda and chlorine by the electrolysis of salt water and plays an important role in the production of caustic soda, chlorine, hydrogen, and other various chemicals that support people’s lives. AGC launched its ion-exchange membranes in 1975, and since has supplied them to more than fifty countries worldwide. Forblue Flemion F-9060 contains a new polymer, which was developed using AGC’s specialized polymer production technology. For more information, visit


HS35iQ with PulseIQ Technology

Dynapar launches the HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ Technology, a new programmable hollow shaft encoder. The HS35iQ Encoder with PulseIQ Technology is a self-diagnosing feedback device with color-coded LEDs and digital output. This device offers a new way for OEM and end-users in heavy-duty machine applications to troubleshoot faulty encoders with access to encoder health status in real-time. Specific fault indications prevent unnecessary downtime and recommended corrective action help users confidently address the root cause in as few steps as possible. For more information, visit


Crimping Tool 

AutomationDirect adds more wire and cable cutting, stripping, and crimping tools to serve your application needs. Our new crimping tool additions include a fixed crimping tool with indent profile, more tools with oval and trapezoid crimp profiles, a crimper model with a color-coded connector reference, and a new square profile rotatable self-adjusting crimping tool. The pistol grip automatic cutting/stripping tool provides stress-free operation. For more information, visit


Vacuum Grippers with Communications Interface

Coval’s new generation of vacuum grippers now incorporate the latest CMS HD series of vacuum pumps. These pumps have a heavy-duty design for high reliability even in harsh environments (IP65), capable of ensuring fifty million cycles. A factor of the pump’s longevity is their modular design, which allows specific configurations and targeted maintenance of specific parts to optimize repairability. As a result, the new generation of CMS HD multistage pumps adds to the vacuum grippers’ reliability and adaptability. For more information, visit