AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) introduces the AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler to enable multiple GC/MS sample injection methods in one device. The AOC-6000 Plus Autosampler improves GC/MS analysis productivity because operators can perform liquid sample, headspace solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection, and many more techniques, all in one device. It also features a tool-switching function that enables users to automatically swap all syringe tools for various injection methods installed on the park station. For more information, visit


SpeedSys300 ODS301

This is a new electronic product designed to prevent overspeed failures on critical machinery in power plants, which in the case of large steam, gas, or hydro turbines, can lead to a catastrophic industrial accident. In the past, failures have resulted in loss of life or serious injury and serious material damage, incurring huge monetary costs, consequential downtime, and other significant liabilities. An overspeed detection system (ODS) provides an isolated layer of protection that will automatically and immediately initiate a shutdown of the machine should this become necessary. For more information,


MicroSmart FC6A Plus

The FC6A Plus is already expandable to support up to 2,060 I/O, making it ideal for controlling machines or small-scale manufacturing operations. With the addition of industry-standard EtherNet/IP scanner capabilities, the FC6A Plus can now connect with, monitor, and control any I/O, variable speed drive, motor controls, or other intelligent automation device using this popular industrial protocol. In addition, the FC6A Plus can be configured as an EtherNet/IP adapter, allowing it to interact with other peer and supervisory systems, such as PLCs and HMIs. For more information, visit


STEGO Enclosure Products

Forty-four new STEGO part numbers have been added to AutomationDirect’s enclosure thermal management and enclosure lighting product lines. New STEGO enclosure products include a “Smart Sensor” temperature/humidity sensor, a unique flat form factor heater, enclosure door switches, and new Varioline series LED enclosure lights. For more information, visit


Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters

AW-Lake introduces a new series of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters that fasten on the outside of vertical or horizontal pipes ranging. Housed in a water- and dust-tight NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure, the Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters are compatible with a range of metal and plastic pipe materials and “difficult liquids” such as chemicals, viscous liquids, and abrasives that would damage standard flow meters. The sensors feature enhanced flow measurement with no pressure drop in a range of applications such as food or chemical processing plants, oil refineries, and more. For more information, visit


ADX Series Stainless-Steel AODD Pumps

The new ADX Series incorporates an array of design enhancements that provide simplified maintenance, improved cleaning, and increased safety. When combined with the ADX Series’ standard features—including easy start-up, rotating suction and discharge ports, gentle displacement, dry-running and self-priming operation, no diaphragm discs, and Almatec’s patented maintenance-free Perswing P air control system—these pumps set an industry-leading standard in industrial applications enhanced by the availability of flange options (DIN and ANSI) as well as additional connection options (sanitary threads, open butt welding). For more information, visit


CX-RV2.6 Pneumatic Pressure Relief System

The API 6A PSL 3 monogrammable system is comprised of SIL 3 rated components and designed to provide rapid pressure relief within high-pressure systems, including mud pumps, managed pressure drilling manifolds and frac relief systems. Designed as a replacement to purely mechanical devices that are significantly less reliable, the CX-RV2.6 is a unique, rugged, all-pneumatic system that requires only 80 PSI minimum air supply to function. For more information, visit


VibroPort 8000 (VP-8000) Portable Vibration Analyzer

The new VP-8000 is a specially configured and packaged version of Brüel & Kjær Vibro’s VC-8000, which is an internationally renowned machinery protection system. The VP-8000 features the same universal measurement modules (UMMs) and the rugged and field-proven design as the VC-8000, but is optimized for portable dynamic data collection and diagnostics. There is a wide range of applications for VP-8000 for both plant operators and service providers. It is ideal for verifying the condition of machines after a turnaround and those repaired prior to service start-up. For more information, visit


Shield Lubricators

Shield lubricators are automatic lubrication systems that supply small amounts of fresh lubricant at short intervals. They can be installed at any bearing lubrication point and set for a discharge period of one to twelve months. Once activated, Shield lubricators discharge fresh lubricant into the lubrication point, while the equipment is running. The simple set-up and automatic discharge significantly reduce the time required to lubricate equipment, eliminate the need for continuous monitoring by facility personnel, and reduce safety risks. For more information, visit


Magnes Series Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pumps

Blackmer Magnes Series pumps are positive displacement rotary vane pumps that use a magnetic drive without dynamic seals, providing a leak-free pumping solution for difficult-to-seal, expensive, valuable, dangerous, and hazardous liquids. With this rotary vane magnetic drive pump design, these pumps combine the leak-free benefits of a magnetic drive pump with the numerous advantages of sliding vane technology—including self-priming, line-stripping, product recovery, indefinite dry-run capability, solids handling, thin/thick viscosity flexibility, easy maintenance, low to zero NPSHr, 70 to 90 percent pump efficiencies, and full-curve operational flexibility. For more information, visit

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