GC51 Pressure Transmitter

With the addition of eleven new ranges, the Ashcroft GC51 indicating pressure transmitter can be used in a wider variety of applications. Vacuum, lower pressure, absolute, and higher pressure ranges to 20,000 psig make the GC51 a perfect fit for pump, compressor, tank level, and process control installations where a “smart” transmitter is not required. While significantly smaller than a traditional process transmitter, the GC51 continues to provide a number of valuable features including a “Loop Check” function, minimum and maximum recall, and the ability to re-scale the 4-20 mA output. For more information, call 800.328.8258 or visit


VARODRY VDi System for Industrial Vacuum Processes 

In industrial vacuum processes, the requirements for smart performance management and energy efficiency are constantly increasing. For more intelligence, variability and efficiency in coating, drying and heat treatment processes, vacuum specialist Leybold has developed the VARODRY VDi vacuum system with integrated VAControl CAB control. The pump systems of the new series consist of the air-cooled, oil-free VARODRY screw pumps, the dry-compressing Roots pumps of the RUVAC series as well as the VAControl CAB control for smart management of all pump processes. For more information, visit


Spill Carts 

Denios spill containment carts and dollies catch spills, drips, and leaks while materials are being moved, keeping the facility clean and safe. Carts with one or two drum capacity feature a new, compact, space-saving design, heavy-duty casters, and a stout handle for ease of pushing or pulling the load. They are available in painted steel, or galvanized steel, and are 100 percent tested and guaranteed to be leak-free. Sumps can meet EPA, OSHA, NFPC, UFC, and other regulations. Solidly welded from high-quality steel for durability and security, they include an easily removable hot-dip galvanized plank that works like a grate. For more information, visit


Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid 

Renewable Lubricants introduces Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid, a bio-based formulation that is environmentally non-toxic, VOC-free, sustainable, and highly effective at inhibiting corrosion on ferrous and galvanized steel. This non-staining, water displacing formulation provides a waxy film that is especially effective in protecting ferrous materials in salt and acid-fume (hydrochloric acid) environments and against humidity. Specially designed biodegradable Bio-Rust Preventative meets the corrosion protection film form MIL-PRF-16173, Class II, Grade 3. They are ideal for metalworking applications where excellent in-house corrosion protection and easy cleaning of parts is essential.  For more information, call 330.877.9982, email, or visit