Ozone Vacu-vials® Kit (K-7433)
The CHEMetrics Ozone Vacu-vials® Kit enables bottled water producers to test for ozone residual between 0 and 0.75 ppm. Unlike competitors’ ozone tests, the CHEMetrics product employs an innovative self-zeroing feature that eliminates the need to generate a reagent blank every time tests are conducted.  This saves time and money in the laboratory.  Further, the results of this test can be read in any spectrophotometer that accepts a 13 mm round cell, enabling operators to use their existing laboratory equipment. For more information, call 800.356.3072 or visit
Class 600# Flanged Ball Valves
SVF Flow Controls are now in full production on their entire line of Class 600# flanged ball valves. The Class 600 family of valves (SVF Series B43C) is available from stock in a range of sizes (½ to 8 inches) and is certified to API-607 and NACE. All valves feature ISO-5211 mounting pads for easy and robust mounting for automation. Larger sizes feature a trunnion design. The B43C ANSI 600 valves are produced with the SVF SupraLon seating material for high temperature applications. For more information, contact Gary Ulanowski, marketing and communications manager, at, 562.802.2255 x212, or visit
Control-Flex® Couplings
Designed with aluminum clamp-style, zero backlash hubs, the Control-Flex provides a low weight/low inertia solution. Electrically insulating flex discs prevent electrical current passing between the system shafts through the coupling. These discs are made of a special compound selected for its flexible durability and dielectric qualities. Precision designed, Control-Flex couplings consist of two hubs (to be attached to the system shafts) and a center flex member. This flexible member is affixed to the hubs through quality pins that make separating easy if required. Two versions of the coupling are available: a single-flex disc version for standard torque capacity, and a two-flex disc version for increased torque capacity and torsional stiffness. For more information, call 800.533.1731, email, or visit
Ultraprobe 401 Ultrasonic Digital Grease Caddy Pro
The Ultraprobe 401 Ultrasonic Digital Grease Caddy Pro provides important data for before, during and after the bearing lubrication process. Users can evaluate this data to gain insights into the efficacy of their lubrication program. Before lubrication information includes base line decibel, grease capacity of the bearing housing, and number of recommended strokes of the grease gun. During lubrication information includes the current decibel level, amount of strokes actually used to apply grease, and the decibel level after applying lubricant. After the lubricant has been applied, users can review lubrication history, trending, cost analysis, a review of the amount of grease used, cost of lubricant and type of lubricant used. For more information, email or visit
Primo Drainage and Sludge Pumps
Grindex Primo is a range of small, lightweight and affordable pumps, including two drainage and two sludge pumps. The Primo pumps are ideal for construction, industrial and municipal jobs, and the highly compact design allows the Primo pumps to operate in dewatering applications where others don’t fit. For more information, call 708.781.2135, email, or visit

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