BL Series Latching Valve

The BL series latching valve allows the user to pulse the valve and have it change state. The voltage does not need to be constantly applied in order to hold it in a state. These valves are ideal for controlling larger pneumatic valves in remote applications where power is limited or when the temperature of the media cannot be impacted as it flows through the valve. The larger pneumatic valves can close and open large pipes and these latching valves control them. The term Latch refers to the valve in the open state where supply pressure goes to the external valve. The unlatched state is when the supply is cut off and the external valve is exhausted to ambient. Applications include natural gas plunger lifts, natural gas separators, gas chromatography, and irrigation systems. For more information, visit
prod01[h2]HELWIG CARBON INC.[/h2]
Helwig Bearing Protector Shaft Grounding System
Helwig Carbon launches a new line of shaft grounding systems to protect motors from bearing failure, a major cause of motor downtime. The stock kits fit most motors and various shaft sizes. They are easy to install, maintain, and work effectively in contaminated environments. Helwig’s grounding assemblies divert static and induced electrical currents in the motor shafts away from the bearings, protecting them from pitting and potential damage.
Several methods are available to reduce or eliminate the path the induced electrical currents can travel. Among these Helwig’s Bearing Protector is the best choice. The Helwig Bearing Protector will give years of service while maintaining low shaft potential, minimizing your chance of having stray currents pass through the bearings. The Bearing Protector is a cost effective way to keep shaft voltage to a minimum.
For more information, contact Marvin Herche at 414.362.6241 or, or visit
[h3]Swing Check Valve[/h3]
Val-Matic’s Swing Check Valve, with its rugged construction and full flow area, is the most specified check valve for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications. Its smooth unrestricted design can provide significant savings in pumping costs over other check valves with reduced ports. The available closure options of lever and weight, air cushion, and lever and spring allow the valve to be used effectively in a wide range of pumping system applications. The Val-Matic Swing Check Valve meets NSF/ANSI 372. To learn more about this and other Val-Matic products, visit
prod04[h2]BELL & GOSSETT [/h2]
[h3]TechnoForce XLS Enhanced Pump Controller Station[/h3]
Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, introduces its Bell & Gossett TechnoForce XLS pump station, helping building owners/operators improve water management, while realizing efficiency and cost savings in commercial, industrial and specialty applications.
The TechnoForce XLS enables facility managers to meet a variety of design specifications by providing energy-efficient and reliable control to up eight pumps from a single system solution to meet head and flow requirements of a building. Providing up to 300 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure boosting with vertical multi-stage pumps and stainless steel piping, the system quickly moves water to where it is needed.
The new TechnoForce XLS is compliant with American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Condition Engineers (ASHRAE 90.1) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standards. It is also pending certification by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-61).
To learn more about Bell & Gossett or the TechnoForce XLS pump station, visit
[h3]6A03 Acrylic Flow Meter[/h3]
Dakota Instruments’ 6A03 line of acrylic flow meters are unique meters offered with interchangeable direct reading scales for air, water, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen. Dual scales display flow rates in both metric and English units. Optional scales can be developed for diverse flow conditions, facilitating OEM applications. The 6A03’s yellow Back Plate enhances the readability of scales and minimizes eye fatigue. These flow meters are supplied with “in-line 3/4” female NPT connections. For more information, call 800.879.7713 or 845.770.3200, email, or visit
prod05[h2]NORD DRIVE SYSTEMS[/h2]
[h3]92.1 and 93.1 Series Gearboxes[/h3]
The 92.1 series, easily identified by its high-strength lightweight design, is a universal housing offering foot, face (B14) and shaft mount as standard. An optional B5 mount is available. The 92.1 series is cost effective when compared to the 93.1 and is ideal for cooling, due to its large surface area.
The 93.1 series is characterized by the closed design and comes as shaft and flange mount (B14) as standard. Optional drilled and tapped holes can be provided for foot mount requirements. In addition, an optional through-bolt, B5-flange is readily available. Because there are no cavities to this design, NSD tupH surface conversion system is available.
For more information, visit
prod07[h2]LEWA [/h2]
[h3]G5K 500 and G5K 800 Quintuplex Pumps [/h3]
Lewa plunger pumps according to API 674 are used wherever high hydraulic power is needed, especially in the oil and gas sector and the process industry. These pumps are characterized by their compact construction and low weight, which is particularly significant for offshore installations. To meet the special requirements of customers even better, Lewa now offers a new generation of pumps with splitted gear housings. This special feature significantly facilitates maintenance, permitting the use of a fully balanced crankshaft which generates less noise and vibration, thus reducing wear. With drive powers of up to 800 kilowatts, Lewa’s new design for plunger pump includes a split gear box and improved maintenance possibilities. The divided gear housing of the new quintuplex pump permits the use of a fully balanced crankshaft and facilitates maintenance. For more information, visit
[h3]CoolPoint™ Vortex Shedding Flowmeter[/h3]
Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. has seven Coolpoint™ vortex shedding flowmeters with an Intrinsic Safety option. The transmitter is 2 wire 4-20mA  and has approved barriers and no display, alarm or pulse output. It meets requirements for NEC Class I, Division 1, Group D environments.  This meter is especially useful in wastewater treatment plant headworks, screening buildings, grit buildings, sludge treatment buildings and other places where there is potential exposure to gases from sewage or sludge. It is suitable for measuring clean process waters and chemical solutions. For more information, call 248.542.9635 or email
[h3]Dual Channel Universal Transmitters[/h3]
Wastewater treatment technicians who need to measure turbidity and dissolved oxygen (DO) or pH levels in secondary clarifiers will find the dual channel T80 Universal Transmitter and Triton TR6 Turbidity Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc. (ECD) can be easily combined with the S80 Intelligent Sensors to measure DO, pH or five other common liquid parameters. The dual channel T80 Transmitter features self-configuring electronics, which provide a fast, easy plug-and-play monitoring solution for waste water treatment.  The T80 Universal Transmitter eliminates the need to buy multiple transmitters to monitor turbidity, DO, pH, ORP, pION, conductivity or resistivity. The Triton TR6 Sensor measures suspended solids or turbidity in four selectable dual ranges featuring pre-set low and high ranges from 0 to 4000 NTU. Its sophisticated optical IR sensor emits a beam of 850 nm (near infrared light) into a water sample where it is scattered by particles suspended in the water. The amount of light reflected back to the sensor by the particles is correlated to the turbidity or suspended solids present. Contact Joe Bradley at 949.336.6060, 800.729.1333,, or visit
prod10[h2]JET EDGE [/h2]
[h3]Dominator and X-Stream Hydraulic Intensif ier Pumps[/h3]
Jet Edge’s Dominator and X-Stream Series hydraulic intensifier pumps are available in a wide range of sizes from 30 to 200 horsepower and are capable of producing pressures from 60,000 to 90,000psi and flow rates of 0.6 to 4 gallons per minute for water jet cutting and surface preparation applications.  The pumps feature a reliable tie-rod design that eliminates threads on the high-pressure cylinders, end caps, and hydraulic cylinders, reducing the likelihood of cracking, and increasing component life. Matched-metal components prevent galling of hydraulic components.  Jet Edge intensifier pumps also feature patented “Metal-on-Metal” seal technology the cuts in half the number of seals needing to be replaced, reducing downtime for seal changes. For more information, visit or call 800.JET.EDGE (538.3343) or 763.497.8700.
prod11[h2]AMERICAN STANDARD [/h2]
[h3]AccessPRO Toilet[/h3]
The AccessPRO toilet boasts comfortable 16 ½-inch Right Height styling, with an elongated bowl for added user comfort and accessibility. For easy installation, a floor template, adjustable trapway kit, and slow-close seat are all included with the toilet. This two-piece toilet features a 3-inch flush valve and 2 1/8-inch trapway that provides reliable flushing performance. The AccessPRO also leverages the American Standard PowerWash bowl cleaning technology for a quiet, yet powerful, flush that scrubs the bowl with pressurized water from the rim during each flush to remove every last trace of paper and waste. Thanks to these top-quality features, the AccessPRO achieves the highest bulk removal score on the Maximum Performance (MaP) test, an independent report of toilet performance. This toilet can successfully flush 1000 grams (2.2 pounds) of waste while using a water-saving 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf). This earns it WaterSense-certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for providing high performance while consuming 20 percent less water than standard toilet models. For more information, visit
prod12[h2]ENOVATION CONTROLS [/h2]
[h3]Murphy PowerCore MPC-20 Controller[/h3]
Enovation Controls announces its newest controller: the Murphy PowerCore MPC-20. This new unit gives users complete control with its highly flexible software. Operators can change setups in the field by easily configuring their exact requirements through the user interface of the MPC-20 without a computer. Aimed at engine-driven dewatering and irrigation applications, the MPC-20’s flexibility allows it to be used for numerous other applications ranging from slurry to diversion to frost protection and more. The MPC-20 is the perfect controller for harsh environments. It withstands extreme heat, bitter cold and shock-prone areas. The rugged unit is configurable with its free configuration tool, which allows users to easily edit parameters and set new factory defaults. The MPC-20 can be purchased as a stand-alone controller or as the ML2000 panel. For more information call 918.317.4100 or visit
prod13[h2]MOYNO INC.[/h2]
[h3]EZstrip™ TR Muncher®[/h3]
EZstrip™ has revolutionized the way in which grinders, PC pumps, and associated products are “Maintain-In-Place” (MIP) reducing a day-long maintenance operation to a few hours. The EZstrip TR Muncher® offers a competitive solution to solids grinding and sludge conditioning. With the ability to maintain the grinder in place without removing the equipment, maintenance is reduced by more than 70 percent for significant cost savings. Equal Thrust Offset (ETOS) cutters capture and reduce large solids for effective maceration. Angled cutter stack “upflow” design rejects hard materials reducing the risk of damage to the cutter teeth. Cantilever design eliminates the need for lower mechanical seals or bearings reducing breakdowns and repair costs. Built-in trash trap with clean-out ports catch any rejected materials. Low cutter tip speeds, low power and low noise level. Each Muncher is supplied with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to protect the machine against damage and overloads. Munchers can be supplied to comply with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. For more information, visit
[h3]SafeSite LED High Bay [/h3]
At 18 pounds, the 100-277VAC SafeSite LED High Bay is rated to operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 65 degrees Celsius) and boasts a T5 temperature rating at 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius). The highly efficient SafeSite High Bay ships standard with 6kV surge protection and is IP66/NEMA4X certified.   The SafeSite High Bay is also available with custom in-house designed optics including medium and wide distribution types. For more information, visit