AISA Standard Control Valves

Warren Controls builds valves to meet American Iron and Steel Act (AISA) requirements so that customers can adhere to “Buy American” regulations across a range of applications, including commercial buildings, district and campus energy, food and beverage, agriculture, chemical industry, OEM, marine, and biofuel applications. Thanks to these U.S. sourcing and production commitments, Warren Controls can build most of its products adhering to AISA requirements. Unlike many valve companies that have manufacturing operations that are based overseas or source components from non-U.S. sources, Warren Controls is ready to meet customer needs for AISA compliance. For more information, visit www.warrencontrols.com


RockStar ModuPlug

The new RockStar ModuPlug terminal block modules with push-in connection technology re-invents control cabinet wiring. The innovative terminal solution in the connector frees up space in the cabinet and reduces the time needed for installation. Using the individual modules, combine all the necessary functions for power, signal, data and pneumatics transmission in a single interface. The modules reduce the amount of space required and cut costs as compared with fixed-pole inserts and other modular plug-in connector systems. For more information, visit www.wiedmuller.com


MIM Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Incorporating an IO-Link to meet “Industry 4.0” requirements, Kobold’s MIM are suitable for almost any measuring situation and guarantee high programming freedom in addition to good response times of sometimes less than 100 milliseconds. Numerous functions, such as temperature measurement or batching, are performed accurately. The MIM can be set in just a few steps in the program menu with the hot key buttons. The rugged and flexible design enables simple and easy installation, even in tight-fitting pipe systems. For more information, visit www.koboldusa.com

Cast Aluminum Solutions

CAST-X High Temperature Heaters

CAST-X High Temp Heaters feature operating temps to 1,110 degrees Fahrenheit (600 degrees Celsius). Very few industrial heaters feature operating temperatures in this range. And CAST-X High Temp is compatible with heating flammable liquids and gases, another rare design feature. CAST-X High Temp can safely heat solvents, IPA (isopropyl alcohol), disinfecting agents, acetone, pentane, ammonia, and other low-flashpoint liquids. Process gases such as nitrogen, argon, CO, and CO2 are also well-suited for these heaters, even if they’re under high-pressure or in a cryogenic state. For more information, visit www.castaluminumsolutions.com


ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager

The portable Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager contains an array of ultra-sensitive microphones that detect sounds in human hearing and ultrasonic ranges and then present them visually. The hand-held device applies proprietary algorithms to the results and instantly produces a visual map of the leak on screen. That image is layered over a visible-light image of the area so operators can quickly pinpoint the leak location. With the Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager you can quickly find small leaks, before they become big problems—all without shutting down the line. For more information, visit www.fluke.com


SapiSelco Specialty Cable Ties

SapiSelco cable ties offer a low-cost solution for wire management needs. These high-quality cable ties provide reliable cable and wire management and are designed with rounded edges to eliminate damage to cable sleeves caused by cable ties with sharp edges. This ensures reliable and trouble-free performance for extended periods of time. Additions include Click Tie beaded cable ties, which allow release for reuse and have a double head that allows tying of a second bundle. New low-temperature UV resistant cable ties can be used outdoors in harsh weather conditions. For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/cable-ties


VFsync PMAC Motors

The new VFsync PMAC motor line are variable speed AC motors that run synchronously with an input AC frequency in applications that require synchronized movement across multiple axes. The motor rotors contain magnets that precisely follow the internal rotating magnetic field without the slip commonly seen in general induction motors. As a result, the VFsync PMAC motors are highly effective for applications that require velocity control, with a lower price point than servo counterparts. For more information, visit www.bisonvfsync.com


GD 2500Q HDF

Gardner Denver High Pressure Solutions (HPS), a leading total solutions provider for the drilling, well servicing, and frac pumps market, introduces the new GD 2500Q Heavy Duty Frame (HDF) quintuplex pump, designed to extend pump service life through an optimized power end frame design. The frame upgrade has been developed to increase component thickness and allow for larger, stronger welds, to boost structural integrity. Today’s pumping conditions have pushed power end frames of all makes to their limits. The upgrade was designed with the aim of reducing stress in vulnerable areas. For more information, visit www.gardnerdenverpumps.com.