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The RNCA Decline combines accumulation, transport and decline functions, which provides reduced cycle times in a smaller space. This can benefit any operation, but is especially ideal for urban areas where space is expensive and same-day delivery is expected. In addition, improved positioning, tracking and control of containers prevent collisions, which limits product damage and saves money by preventing expensive re-work and returns. For more information, visit www.dematic.com or contact Cheryl Falk at cheryl.falk@dematic.com or 262.860.6715.


Field Xpert SMT70, a rugged tablet PC for commissioning and maintenance staff to manage field instruments and document the work progress. The tablet comes preinstalled with DeviceCare device configuration software and device library—so it is ready to go, right out of the box. The Field Xpert SMT70 supports HART, PROFIBUS DP/PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus, CDI and Endress+Hauser service interfaces. It can connect to field instrumentation devices directly via a USB or Bluetooth wireless modem, or via a gateway, remote I/O or multiplexer to a bus system. For more information, visit wwwus.endress.com/SMT70.

VB45-S Bearing Isolator

Like all Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolators, the VB45-S design protects against contamination ingress and lubrication loss. The VB45-S Bearing Isolator utilizes Inpro/Seal’s patented XX Interface coupled with an enlarged contamination chamber to achieve an IP66 rating, the standard for premium ingress protection against both harmful particulates and liquids, making it one of the best performing Bearing Isolators available. For superior protection against lubrication loss, the VB45-S utilizes either an enlarged D-Groove to capture oil and return it to the bearing housing or a grease band to block grease from traveling down the shaft and escaping from the bearing housing. For more information, visit www.inpro-seal.com.

¼-Inch Plastic Air Diaphragm Pump

All-Flo Pump Co. introduced a revolutionary new ¼-inch plastic air diaphragm pump. Its innovative design offers superior performance characteristics; flow rates exceeding 5GPM and dry lift capabilities in excess of 14ft-H20. The pump is manufactured from a variety of plastic materials and thus is suitable for a wide range of chemical transfer applications. Solenoid control and cycle counter options allow the pump to be employed in metering or dispensing systems. For more information, visit www.all-flo.com.

Qdos 20 Pump

The new pump has been developed to offer highly accurate sodium hypochlorite metering in disinfection applications with flow rates to 5.28 gallons per hours at a maximum of 101.5 psi pressure. It is especially suitable for applications at the well sites of many smaller water treatment plants, where operators are often injecting into water lines at higher pressure. Qdos 20 features the same user-friendly interface and control options, ensuring that users have continuity with any existing Qdos applications. Offering low total cost of ownership, the new model is designed as a drop-in replacement for diaphragm pumps. Qdos pumps also include the ReNu pumphead for single, no-tools maintenance. For more information, visit www.watson-marlow.com.

Continuous Flexing Control Cable

Continuous flexing control cable is now part of the AutomationDirect bulk multiconductor wiring and cable product line. Continuous flexing cables are designed to be exposed to constant flexing during their operation and withstand millions of these flex cycles. CF5 and CF6 multi-conductor control cables from igus are specifically designed, tested, and manufactured for continuous flexing, high mechanical load application requirements, and will provide a guaranteed service life between five million and ten million cycles when operated within specified conditions. For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/high-flex-cable.

R19 Analytic Software

R19 usability features are focused on capsules, the innovative data objects in Seeq for working with single or multi-dimensional time periods of interest. Users can now simply select capsules to define a custom group of capsules, for example choosing a set of capsules to define an optimized outcome or failure state. And users can leverage capsules when monitoring processes by seeing which capsules are currently “in process” to compare in-progress batches against historical averages of past results in real-time. For more information, visit www.seeq.com.

Opticheck Flowmeter Verification Tool

The lightweight, portable Opticheck is capable of verification of the range of Optimass Coriolis mass meters, Optisonic ultrasonic flowmeters and Optiflux, Tidalflux, and Waterflux electromagnetic meters. The equipment provides both a hard copy verification report for every flowmeter and digital storage of verification data in the internal database of the industrial tablet. The device comes with all cables and accessories for easy connection and handling, and includes an option to download original factory calibration settings from the Krohne manufacturing database. It is ideal for use within the water and wastewater, chemical and petrochemical, and minerals and mining industries, as well as in other flow measurement applications. For more information, visit www.us.krohne.com.

Quarter-Turn Valves

Val-Matic’s array of Quarter-Turn Valves are highly engineered products available in a wide range of sizes and pressure classes. Cam-Centric® Plug Valves, American-BFV® Butterfly Valves, Ener•G® AWWA Resilient Seated Ball Valves, and QuadroSphere® Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves are designed to provide both on-off and process control functions in municipal and industrial systems. Our Plug, Butterfly, and Ball valves are built using advanced manufacturing technologies and certified to rigorous AWWA, ASME, and API industry standards to assure reliable performance in numerous applications and media including liquids, gases and slurries. The valve seating systems are built with corrosion and wear resistant materials and tested to provide positive seating. For more information, visit www.valmatic.com.

OPTISONIC 7300 Ultrasonic Biogas Flowmeter

OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas overcomes the limitations of the ultrasonic principle in biogas applications due to high damping of the acoustic signals by carbon dioxide and high water content in the biogas. Its signal transducers provide a stronger ultrasonic signal into the gas, and specialized signal processing enables better detection of small, strongly dampened acoustic signals. These features, along with the mechanical design of transducers and transducer pockets, make the measurement insensitive to liquid water and biological scaling. For more information, visit www.us.krohne.com.

In-House Machining Services

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products and subsidiary of Graco Inc., announces its new in-house machining capabilities. QED will now machine parts for approximately 90 percent of its finished goods. By machining in-house, QED is able to monitor every step of the manufacturing process from incoming material to the final product, leading to more efficient manufacturing and ultimately, better quality products. For more information, visit  www.qedenv.com.

Abaque™ Series Pumps

Abaque Series pumps meet the challenging requirements for the food and beverage industry thanks to a seal-free design that eliminates leaks. The design of Abaque Series pumps also eliminates product contamination since the pumped product is kept completely in the hose and is not exposed to the moving parts of the pump. Additionally, the smooth operation of Abaque Series pumps allows them to handle the shear-sensitive products with delicate particles, often found in food and beverage operations, with ease. For more information, visit www.mouvex.com.

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