AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System

The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System design has increased clearance between the float, casing, and discharge tube. The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System has three times the clearance of regular pumps which enables it to deal with higher viscosities, greater concentrations of solids content and precipitates. In addition, the pump utilizes 316-grade stainless steel which resists corrosion even when exposed to harsh leachates and high temperatures. The AP4.5 Ultra AutoPump System features a fiberglass pump body, stainless steel pump ends, internal components, and fittings for tubes and hoses.

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ANSIMAG pumps have been widely deployed in pharmaceutical-grade freeze drier applications used by several companies for vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines. Freeze drier applications play a critical role in the storage and transportation of vaccines. Pharmaceutical freeze drying is a standard process used to stabilize vaccines and other biologicals, and it’s also used to increase shelf life. ANSIMAG pumps are used to deliver various cooling mediums to lower product temperatures below freezing, and high-pressure vacuum technology extracts water, to preserve pharmaceutical products for storage and transport.

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Fecon Green Environmentally Safe Hydraulic Fluids 

Fecon Green Hydraulic Fluids, a zinc-free, readily biodegradable formula, withstands the rigors of land clearing and forestry mulching. This environmentally friendly product meets or exceeds Vickers M-2950-S, Vickers 1-286-5, U.S. Steel 126, and U.S. Steel 127 criteria. It eliminates the worry of accidental petroleum spills and meets or exceeds high-pressure pump requirements. Ideal for hydraulic equipment operating in wet or dusty environments, Fecon Green has a high viscosity index (VI) that provides excellent fluid protection under higher loads and pressures.

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i-FILL Pump 

For pharmaceutical companies, Intellitech’s sterile, single-use liquid measuring and dispensing system and kit, including i-FILL pump, eliminates the need to clean and sterilize equipment between batches. This eases production scale up and changeovers, and provides accurate, reliable liquid measurement. The single-use technology minimizes the risk of contamination by utilizing sterile, disposable fluid path components from product source to dispensing nozzle. Each kit is a complete unit containing intake and discharge tubing, check valves, complete pump parts and a dispensing tip/nozzle.

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