PulsaPro Hypo Valve

The Hypo Valve is the latest innovation for the PulsaPro Pump Series and is designed to manage off-gassing in dosing applications. The Hypo Valve technology allows pressurized process fluid to cyclically flush liquid and vapors through the pump’s discharge check system, while maintaining high performance and chemical dosing accuracy. This avoids common issues, such as vapor-lock, which lead to reduced capacity and inaccurate chemical dosing, while also preventing unnecessary maintenance work. For more information, email prosales@idexcorp.com or visit www.pulsa.com.


Enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers

Seifert SoliTherm® Thermoelectric Coolers use the Peltier Effect for closed-loop cooling. The only moving parts are axial fans so there is virtually no maintenance. The Seifert Peltier thermoelectric cooling units can be mounted in nearly every position (except roof mounting) because they don’t have a compressor or any moving parts aside from the fans. These thermoelectric cooling units are resistant to extreme ambient conditions and can operate effectively in dusty and oily environments and both indoor and outdoor applications. For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/thermoelectric-coolers.


FR-E800 Series Variable Frequency Drive

The FR-E800 is built upon Mitsubishi Electric´s proven variable speed control technology through years of reliable operation across various applications. It incorporates advanced capabilities in a compact footprint allowing for bookshelf style mounting. Additional features include extended programming functions, advanced fault detection features, and auto-tuning of PM motors for applications where energy efficiency is extremely important. The auto-tuning function includes configurable parameters to reach optimum performance, higher torque, faster acceleration, and lower noise level for quiet operation. For more information, visit https://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/products/drive-products/inverters-freqrol/fre/fre800/fre800overview.


Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump

Lyco Wausau introduces a new stainless steel liquid ring vacuum pump with a close-coupled stainless steel wash down motor (Model 101-40-3SSM or Model 102-40-3SSM). It’s ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical plants where frequent washdowns are required. The compact pump can provide vacuum up to 28 inches of mercury or move up to 52 cubic feet of volume per minute. Lyco Wausau offers a wide selection of reliable pumps, replacement parts, and accessories. For more information, call 715.845.7867 or visit www.lycowausau.com.


Sylax 3 Butterfly Valves 

The Sylax 3 has a strong ductile iron valve body, 316SS disc standard, EPDM seat, and stainless steel stem. The valve is rated for 250 PSI bi‐directional and dead end rating and has a 230 degrees Fahrenheit (110 degrees Celsius) maximum temperature rating. The valve is NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified for use with ANSI 125/150# flanges with standard curved and ergonomic handle for easy operation and standard ISO 5211 top flange for easy actuation. For more information, visit www.flomatic.com


MAG Series Magnetic Inductive Flow Meters

The Assured Automation MAG series are volumetric magnetic induction flow meters that measure flow rate and totals at rates up to 160 gallons per minute, and also measure temperature. The rugged meter body includes electronics, display, user interface, and output signal generation in one compact unit. In addition to being more compact it is also less expensive than comparable meters and sensors. Analog, binary, pulse, and frequency outputs offer various options to process the measured data. For more information, visit www.assuredautomation.com/MAG-meter.


Micropilot FWR30 Radar Level Sensor

Endress+Hauser launches the Micropilot FWR30, its first cloud-connected radar, to provide full transparency in the storage and transport of liquids. As the world’s first 80 GHz wireless IIoT sensor, it combines high-end technology and user-friendly digital services in one cost-effective device. The instrument’s continuously recorded measurement data can be accessed at any time, from anywhere due to the device’s cloud connection, with communication made possible by an integrated SIM card. Installation is easy and can be done in less than three minutes. For more information, visit eh.digital/fwr30_micropilot_us.


TorqSense Torque Sensors

Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects. Having survived more than one downturn and recovery, Sensor Technology has a rental option in place for its TorqSense range of torque sensors. Potential users can choose to rent the equipment, rather than purchase it, thus circumventing the bottleneck of raising capital purchase approval. And to help companies along, if they decide that they want to hold onto their TorqSense for longer than they had anticipated, Sensor Technology is happy to convert the rental to a sale. For more information, visit www.sensors.co.uk.


RTK Discharge and Pump Protection Control Valve

The RTK Discharge and Pump Protection Control Valve works as two valves in one: it brings together a pump protection recirculation valve and a control valve. In this capacity, the valve not only cut costs but also increases the life span of pumps by both regulating the main flow and the recirculation flow with a single valve. In industrial processes that use boiler feedwater and condensate pumps, the water is circulated in a closed loop by a pump. These pumps require a minimum amount of water flow to avoid problems that can stem from overheating and cavitation. For more information, visit www.circor.com.


TG5000 Gas Monitor

Facilities and plant engineers will find the next-generation TG5000 Gas Monitor from MSA Safety offers them a safe, reliable, and effective solution to the detection of oxygen, combustible, and toxic gases in a wide range of light industrial applications, including wastewater treatment, industrial plants, and commercial buildings. The feature-rich yet affordable TG5000 Gas Monitor helps personnel work safely with confidence in an extensive number of environments, offering a variety of gas sensor options and installation configurations. For more information, visit www.msasafety.com.


Small Conical Bottom Storage Tanks

These new small conical tanks are available with an all-plastic stand virtually eliminating points for corrosion due to steel components. These new conical tanks include polyethylene stands that raise the base off the floor, allowing room for drainage. The tanks feature a 45-degree molded-in slope bottom for complete drainage and are designed for stationary use indoors or out. If special stand elevations are required, Assmann Corporation has the ability to construct steel tank stands to accommodate your needs. The conical tanks are seamless molded one-piece units. Both the tank and the stand are corrosion resistant. For more information, visit www.assmann-usa.com.


Machine Sentry Gateway

Easy to install and simple to use, Machine Sentry Gateway removes the need for manual data collection from MSF-1 sensors. This improves workforce safety and frees up valuable time for operatives on the plant floor. It can connect up to 100 vibration sensors to the internet via the ethernet, Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G cellular network, and extends Bluetooth connectivity up to 160 feet. An IP65 rating makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For more information, visit www.avtreliability.com.