KlarAid CDP2727 and CDP2724 Coagulants
Through extensive jar testing, KlarAid CDP2727 and CDP2724 have shown that they are capable of reducing the turbidity and TOC in low turbidity raw water to levels less than other single-container products previously offered by GE. KlarAid CDP2727 is the concentrated product whereas CDP2724 is a diluted version that may be a convenient solution in circumstances where low volumes and dosages are proven effective. These products can be used alone or in conjunction with anionic flocculants. For more information, contact Angie Hansen at 215.942.3511 or
BXR-LE Electric Brake
The BXR-LE was specifically designed for use on robotic arms to reduce the cantilevered load and has found value in other applications as well.  The unique compact and lightweight design optimizes machine design efficiency. With accompanying voltage controller, power consumption is stepped down to 7VDC after a split second of 24VDC for brake actuation. When compared to the other BX brakes in the Miki lineup, this revolutionary BXR-LE design provides just one-third power consumption and heat generation in one-half the overall size thickness. For more information, call Jon Davidson at 800.533.1731, email, or visit
Style 31 AWWA Coupling
The Victaulic Style 31 AWWA coupling assures quick, easy installation when joining ductile iron piping systems of AWWA dimensions. The coupling can be installed in rigid or flexible configurations, creating rigid joints comparable to a flanged joint or flexible joints that permit controlled movement and attenuate system vibration. The Victaulic Style 31 AWWA coupling is assembled by positioning the gasket and coupling housings on the pipe ends and tightening the bolts and nuts with standard hand tools or an impact wrench. Installation is completed up to 5 times faster than other pipe-joining methods, permitting systems to start up sooner. For more information, visit
Ecochem Non-Seal Canned Motor Pump
The Echochem Non-Seal series will be available in four standard variants to be used for standard chemical applications, heat transfer fluids, polymerizing or ferrite-containing fluids, and for low-boiling fluids and liquefied gases. he new series of pumps combines two of its predecessors to deliver superior performance. KSB’s MegaCPK, a standardized chemical pump used in process engineering for years, and innovative canned motors from Japanese cooperation partner, Nikkiso, combine to create this ground-breaking product. The low-noise motor is made with a corrosion-resistant Hastelloy (2.4610) can and the pump’s dimensions are compliant with ISO 2858. They also meet the requirements and standards of DIN/EN/ISO 15783 and API 685. For more information, visit
T80-S80 Analyzer System
Aquaculture operators in search of a better way to automate testing for dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, ammonia and other parameters will find the modular plug-n-play T80-S80 Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) simplifies operations and lowers total operating costs. While many operators rely on portable sensors, they require staff time to manually complete the testing on a fixed schedule that can be hard to maintain consistently during their busy work day. The challenge and expense of dedicating staff time to testing becomes incrementally problematic in larger or remote operations. The T80 Transmitter’s highly intelligent digital protocol simplifies installation set-up and process measurements while also reducing maintenance costs. For more information, contact Steve Rupert at 800.729.1333 or, or visit
Carbon-Graphite Vanes, Rotors, and End Plates
Metallized Carbon’s carbon-graphite vanes, rotors, and end plates are used in such dry running applications as automotive anti-smog pumps and gasoline vapor pick up pumps, breathable air pumps and vacuum pumps. In-liquid applications include vending machine beverage pumps, fuel and liquid chemical pumps, and medical liquid pumps. “With dimensionally stability and high strength to weight ratio, the components are available in several grades of Metcar’s proprietary carbon/graphite material,” says Matthew Brennan, chief operating officer of Metallized Carbon. “Our engineers assist in selecting the optimum grade based on application, environment, housing materials, rpm and other parameters.”  For more information, visit or call 914.941.3738.

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