Sinamics G120X Drive Series

The new Sinamics G120X drive is a simple, seamless, and easy-to-use drive, designed for use in pump, fan, and compressor applications in industries such as water/wastewater, HVAC/R, irrigation/agriculture, and in industrial environments. Sinamics G120X has a power range of 1 to 700 horsepower and can operate in a temperature range from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius) with any standard motor, including synchronous reluctance motors.  It has an integral DC choke which improves harmonics and EMC performance. For more information, visit


QF5kSU Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps

Quattroflow has extended its single-use product line of quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps with the introduction of the next-generation QF5kSU. Incorporating a patented valve plate design that improves drainability and venting, the QF5kSU reduces the required minimum flow rate needed to remove entrapped air during priming while providing enhanced product-recovery capabilities. These critical design enhancements help make the QF5kSU ideally suited for demanding biopharma applications such as chromatography, TFF, virus filtration, sterile filtration, and depth filtration. For more information, visit


1852N Seawater Deballasting Valve

The 1852N Seawater Deballasting Valve is ideal for deballasting seawater from welldecks. The 8-inch size 1852N model is used by the U.S. Navy on its LHA, LHD, and LPD class amphibious assault ships, which have welldecks that require seawater to be rapidly raised and lowered. Seawater is notably corrosive, and the special materials of construction allow these valves to survive decades of use. Part of Warren Controls Series 1800 line of heavy-duty globe valves, the 1852N valve can be supplied in conformance with MIL-V-18030 service applications. For more information,


Heavy-Duty Nyglass Couplers and Adapters

Bee Valve Inc.’s new, 4-inch heavy-duty 404 Series nylon couplers/adapters have a heavier wall construction than the standard for greater strength. All 404 Series couplers come standard with four stainless steel handles for a more secure connection in higher-pressure applications. The fittings are constructed in glass-reinforced nylon for lightweight, with the strength to resist cross threading, thread seizure, and “out-of-round” condition. For more information, visit

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