Variable Speed Drive CFW500

With a modern design and power ranging from 0.25 to 175 cv, the CFW500 frequency inverter is a high-performance variable speed drive, which assists in controlling speed and torque of three-phase induction motors. The device offers sensorless vector; vector with encoder or scalar control modes; permanent magnet motor control; SoftPLC, which adds PLC (programmable logic controller) functions; STO and SS1 Safety Functions; Pump Genius, which brings dedicated pumping functions; and selectable plug-in modules, providing a flexible and optimized solution for any application. For more information, visit www.weg.net


Zenith Drum Metering System

This metering system is ideal for the application of adhesives in the automotive market.Sealing issues are the most common problems that lead to failure mode in pumps. There are no seals in the Zenith drum metering system. Its submersible design removes the need for a shaft seal. This eliminates the number one issue that leads to failure, slashing costs and maintenance time considerably. For more information visit www.circor.com/zenith-drum-metering-systems


Automated Gear Tooth Grinder

This new equipment offers a range of benefits that improve product quality and increase production capacity. This unique machine frees up capacity on four other machines, improves the quality of gear geometry, improves the cycle time, and effectively grinds spur and helical gears. At a time when product demand outpaces production capacity, adding this single piece of equipment will help make available nearly 40 percent more production time on four separate hobbing machines. For more information, visit www.bisongear.com


HSM-03V Benchtop Lift Mixers

INDCO HSM-03V benchtop lift mixers feature automatic torque control, allowing them to mix high- or low-viscosity materials, or perform high-speed dispersions, with a single mixer. A 3-horsepower DC motor provides constant torque, allowing mix viscosities exceeding 100,000 CPS to be achieved with supplied bowtie style impeller. Marine style, hydrofoil, or turbine impellers can be used for materials with lower viscosities. Dispersion blades can be used for high-speed dispersions up to 50,000 CPS. For more information, visit www.indco.com