Graphalloy Custom Pump Bushings

Graphalloy prides itself on meeting customer time constraints and providing quick turnaround—and recently met a one-hour turnaround for a custom bushing. The customer in this case was a pump repair center who contacted the Graphalloy team near the end of the business day on Friday requiring a spiral-grooved, Graphalloy nickel grade pump bushing ASAP for outage work. Graphalloy was able to create the bushing, verify the dimensions, and ship the part all within an hour. The customer would have it by Saturday morning. For more information, visit


Ultrasonic Cleaners

Control the ultrasonic power to clean a wide range of instruments with the new Cole-Parmer Ultrasonic Cleaners. Available in digital and analog series, both feature a pulse function for 20 percent increase in ultrasonic power for hard-to-remove soil and pastes and an adjustable temperature range to accommodate sensitive items and instruments. A sweep function ensures uniform sound and power throughout the entire bath. With the latest in ultrasonic cleaning technology, these are ideal for the lab or on the process floor. For more information, visit


ID300 Fusion Integrated Motor Drive

Designed and engineered with Nidec’s most advanced technologies for power and control, the ID300 Fusion incorporates all of the functions of a variable frequency drive (VFD) into the motor for better system performance and efficiency. With this compact all-in-one product, original equipment manufacturers do not need to buy stand-alone products such as motors, drives, conduits, and cords, and integrate them for a customer application. Nidec delivers directly from the factory a compact integrated motor and drive that is perfectly paired for use. For more information, visit


Evolastic Highly Flexible Coupling

The heart of the Evolastic is a new, non-shear elastomer element that transmits torque through integrated aluminum jaw inside the optimized rubber profile. The elastomer is securely fastened to the hub and flange by radial and axial bolts, which creates a designed prestress (similar to high strength concrete) that assures reliable torque transmission. The coupling requires low maintenance and compensates for permanent angular misalignments of up to 3 degrees in a single plane while being able to accommodate significantly higher multi-plane misalignments than standard designs. For more information, visit