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ProSense® EPS Digital Pressure Sensors
The compact and robust design and construction of the ProSense EPS series withstands extreme shock and vibration, provides high accuracy and reliability, and incorporates the best combination of overpressure, burst pressure, and long term stability for each measuring range. With no moving parts such as pistons or springs that can stick or break, two solid state switch outputs provide a reliable alternative to mechanical pressure switches; on certain models, the second output can be configured as a scalable analog signal turning the unit into a combination pressure switch and transmitter. For more information, visit

Series 6000 Tray Scrubber
Available in sizes to handle gas volumes from 500 to 150,000 cfm, the Series 6000 utilizes special high performance tray designs in single or multiple stages to achieve maximum gas absorption using once through water at extremely low rates to absorb and concentrate product in one easy step, without the need for recirculation pumps. This once through water flow pattern also enables recovery of higher vapor pressure concentrated solutions for reuse in the process. For applications where fine mists are formed during absorption, a final coalescing filter is used to reduce overall emissions to extremely low, nearly non-detectable levels to easily meet environmental standards. For more information, call 201.529.1094, email, or visit


Spin Loader
Available in two carbon steel models, the Spin Loader allows utilization of bulk storage facilities to their fullest capacity while eliminating the pyramiding which occurs when flakes and granular materials are loaded into bins, hopper cars, and piles. It also enables loading of up to 15 percent more product into virtually any storage facility evenly in a 360-degree arc without costly hand labor or interruption of flow. Simple to install and easy to operate, the compact, ruggedly-built Spin Loader can handle up to 200,000 pounds per hour of 90 pounds per cubic foot material. It can be mounted to the top of the bin or attached to a flexible loading spout and placed inside or over the bin itself. For more information, call 800.764.2999, email, or visit

Model 1312 Industrial Suction Pump
The Model 1312 is designed for long life in tough services with heads to 160 feet TDH and flows to 240 gallons per minute; 1750 and 3500 RPM sizes are available. Back pull-out design construction allows rotating element to be easily removed, and casing remains in piping. Casing may be rotated in 90-degree increments to accommodate various piping and discharge orientation options or requirements. The close-coupled design saves installation space. Suction and discharge connections are threaded NPT. For more information, call 513.530.0888 or visit
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