Transporting and securing hazardous material while also minimizing its exposure are the twin goals of any processing engineer. Many of the fluids transferred during chemical processing can be corrosive to equipment or dangerous to operating staff. And although well-maintained connections in the piping or pumping system is a must, Ingersoll Rand has introduced a product that thinks outside the box by putting a pumping system inside the box: the ARO Station.
The ARO Station is a customized solution that houses an ARO pump and piping in a durable housing in order to reduce leaks and fumes during chemical transfer from one container to another. Standing independently from a truck, the ARO Station helps operators comply with changing environmental regulations, while enhancing operator safety.
ARO understands the importance of transporting and securing hazardous material and minimizing its exposure. The risks with chemical handling are a daily reality and the ARO Station was designed to protect operators as well as the environment during the transfer of these materials.
One of two sizes of the Expert Series Pumps (EXP) ARO diaphragm pump can be placed inside the ARO Station.
The ARO Station can accommodate three different size pumps, the 1 inch, 1-½ inch, or 2 inch Expert Series Pumps (EXP) ARO diaphragm pump. With the capability to pump material from 1,320 to 7,900 gallons per hour, the ARO Station can be calibrated to pump the appropriate quantity for each application. Use of the ARO Station increases the safety of chemical installations during the unloading process by reducing risks of water hammer that occur during the pressurization of the tanks.

  • A leak detector that communicates possible leakage, helping to minimize air pollution and risk from fumes.
  • A heater to prevent freezing in extreme situations.
  • An alarm that monitors the level of liquid in the tank and whether the system is running dry.

Made of high-density polyethylene, the ARO Station is impervious to corrosion, and features a drip collection tray that can hold up to 52 gallons of fluid. The ARO Station can be used as a free-standing pump solution or it can be equipped with wheels for mobility. Compact and ready for use, the ARO Station is a standardized skid size thus reducing integration costs.
Ingersoll Rand introduced the ARO Station pumping system at the 2015 ACHEMA tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany, to an enthusiastic crowd of professionals in the compressed air and gas systems and services, power tools, fluid management, and material handling equipment industry. Ingersoll Rand product experts interacted with attendees, answering questions and demonstrating the details of how the new closed pumping system could benefit their facilities and operations. ◆
Fausto Lotti is marketing leader for ARO Fluid Management. ARO is a leading worldwide manufacturer of fluid handling products expertly engineered to deliver performance and serviceability, enabling customers to achieve the best total cost of ownership. For eighty-five years ARO has been helping customers solve their most complex fluid handling challenges to keep their business moving. For more information, contact 800.495.0276 or

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