The Minebea Intec Technical Centre Mexico (MITCM), which was officially opened in April 2024, offers a comprehensive insight into Minebea Intec’s pioneering products and serves as a platform for regular training courses and product demonstrations. The opening ceremony, which was attended by around 100 participants from various industries and countries, marked a significant milestone for Minebea Intec’s presence in Latin America. From checkweighers to metal detectors: the MITCM is bursting with high-tech for increased efficiency and product safety

At the core of Minebea Intec’s offering are high quality solutions ranging from platform scales and load cells to container and silo scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, and state-of-the-art X-ray systems. These technologies are complemented by intuitive software solutions designed to streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. There are exhibits from every segment at MITCM.

These technologies from Minebea Intec encompassing a wide range of applications crucial for various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, and more: from accurate level control to facilitating highly precise and efficient dosing and filling processes to foreign body detection to protect against costly product recalls.