MFG Chemical, a global leader in specialty and custom chemical manufacturing, received an Award for Safety Performance Improvement from SOCMA, (Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates) at the trade association’s 96th Annual Dinner, held December 10 at the Crowne Plaza in NYC.

On receiving the Award, CEO Keith Arnold, of MFG Chemical commented, “MFG has been working hard to make plant safety the core value of the company, a value which is shared by all of our employees. We are happy to receive this industry recognition for our continuous improvements in plant safety, and even more pleased that we have achieved and are maintaining a safe work environment, with a strong EHS&S program.“

SOCMA President & CEO Jennifer Abril declared, “ As specialty and fine chemical manufacturers, we understand that maintaining a safe environment for your staff and community is not an easy task. It takes time, buy-in from both employees and leadership, and resources to achieve your goals. We congratulate MFG Chemical and its employees for its commitment to strengthening its environmental health and safety efforts. We look forward to MFG Chemical’s continued participation in ChemStewards, where there is a platform to learn from each other and share best practices.”